What is PlayArt?

PlayArt is a nationwide boost for the 0-6 age range. We build bridges and create encounters between children, daycare workers, educators, daycare leaders, researchers, students, teachers, artists and cultural mediators. Through new, close-knit communities, a research-based evidence base is created for how we can work together across professions to create the highest possible quality and inclusion when children meet local artists, cultural institutions and cultural mediators in day care.

PlayArt brings the youngest closer to art and culture and researches what the encounter with art, culture and aesthetic learning processes in everyday life means for children's play and education as well as for the adults around them. LegeKunst is a co-creative practice in close cooperation with teacher training and thus also has an impact on the everyday lives of future teachers.

PlayArt provides a skills boost for children's everyday adults through the encounter with arts and culture in everyday life. With action learning as a common method and through research created together with practice, we push the 'nursery' and get new ideas for our pedagogical practice, where we promote and create greater quality in children's play and education based on art, cultural activities and experiences.

PlayArt originates from and is led by Kulturprinsen in Viborg.

Read more about the partners in PlayArt here. 

Read about the organisation of the project, the PlayArt Steering Group and the National PlayArt Monitoring Group here. 

Project period: 2019 – 2023

The following municipalities already participate in PlayArt - and more are on the way:

Esbjerg, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Fredericia, Frederikshavn, Helsingør, Hjørring, Holbæk, Ikast-Brande, Copenhagen, Næstved, Skive, Thisted kommunalklynge, Thisted privatklynge, Vejle, Viborg kommunalklynge, Viborg privatklynge and Aarhus privatklynge.

In addition, PlayArt and the project KUNSTGØDNING in Region Nordjylland have entered into a collaboration: LegeKunstGødning. LegeKunstGødning is in 11 municipalities in North Jutland (the striped ones on the map of Denmark above). Read more about LegeKunstGødning here.

PlayArt and The Pedagogical Curriculum:

Play is now enshrined as a value in itself: Play, Bildung and child perspective have become central everyday concepts.

PlayArt develops new knowledge and practical experience for the work with The pedagogical curriculum through arts and cultural activities, as well as action learning and research.

PlayArt focuses on the following core concepts:

Play, education, art, culture, co-creation and aesthetic processes.

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