Press coverage of LegeKunst

Below you can find mentions of LegeKunst in various media.

November 2022 BUKS Journal of Child and Youth Culture nr. 65 2022

Pædagogers og kunstnere i skabende fællesskaber (theme issue Tidlig Kulturstart)

November 2022 Culture Monitor

Stort nationalt forskningsprojekt udkommer i bogform: Kunst og kultur kan fremme børns leg og dannelse

08.11.2022 Culture on P1

Børn skal lege med kunst (fra 13:10 i episoden Iransk rapper dømt til døden)

August 2022 BUKS Journal of Child and Youth Culture No. 66 2022

Art pedagogy with maybe-universes (theme issue Designing for Play in New Nordic Childhood)

May 2022 PETERgogikum - Denmark's podcast on pedagogy

14 - Pedagogy and aesthetics, THANK YOU

May 2022 Children and Young People nr. 5 2022 (s. 30-35)

Report - inspiration

Thecember 2021 Educational Extract No 19 2021 (thematic issue "Pedagogy and Democracy)

When children's encounter with art becomes part of democratic education

December 2021 Magazine 0-14 No 4 2021 (themed issue "Children, brains, stress, play, learning" of 100 pages. Available on tel. 86187888 or
Play and art - Time was lost in the woods

07.12.2021 Skive Municipality
The nature group of the Lark is fond of art

31.10.2021 Ikast-Brande New

Play art in Children's Village Øster

22.10.2021 Skive Folkeblad
Nature group children have Jeppe Aakjær as a companion

16.04.2021 Herning Folkeblad
Play and sing in Ejstrupholm: half an hour in the knowledge of rhymes

01.02.2021 Vejle Municipality
Creative in a corona time

23. 11.2020 TV2 Go' morgen Danmark
Guests in the studio: educator Louise Thygesen, artist Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt, research coordinator Lars Geer Hammershøj

17. 11.2020 P4 Midt og Vest Afternoon (about 1 hour 10 into the programme)
LegeKunst-days 2020 / Lærkereden kindergarten in Skive

17.11.2020 Culture on P1
PlayArt Days 2020 / Hallandsgården Children's Home in Ålsgårde

13.11.2020 Altinget Children
Less academisation and more creativity needed in teacher training

09.03.2020 – Magazine 0-14
Presentation of LegeKunst

08.03.2020 – TV 2 Lorry (7:18 into the program)
15 minute feature on LegeKunst in the Sunday Magazine

27.02.2020 – Helsingør Municipality
Play and Art go hand in hand

10.02.2020 – Politics
In the Rosenkilden children's home, children play, jump and dance - and not just for fun

16. 01.2020 – Pedagogical Extract / Via University College
Long live play (pages 35 - 42)

13.12.2019 – Viborg Stifts Folkeblad
Putting education in children's backpacks

11.12.2019 – DR1
TV Newspaper

10.12.2019 – Østvendsyssel Folkeblad
PlayArt in Dybvad Kindergarten

05.12.2019 – DR P1 (00:35 into the programme):
P1 Morning

05.12.2019 – Jyllands-Posten
Adults play through for the children

04.12.2019 – Culture Monitor
The earliest years must be used if children are to become familiar with the world of art and culture

03.12.2019 – Lærkereden, Skive
The great Flyndersø expedition

10.11.2019 – Vendelboposten
Children in Hjørring played their way into the universe of art

01.11.2019 – Thisted Municipality
LegeKunst has started in Snedsted

September 2019 - Children's Everyday Life No. 5 2019 (pp. 20-21)
LegeKunst will promote educational play in daycare facilities through art and culture

04.07.2019 – DPU, Aarhus University
Children's free play must be explored

11.06.2019 - Spøttrup Weekly
Kindergarten children from Hem to play with culture

28.05.2019 –
Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

27.05.2019 – Frederiksborg County Newspaper
Children from Helsingør become part of huge cultural initiative

24.05.2019 – Jelling Ugeavis
Denmark's largest children's culture project will benefit Jelling

23.05.2019 - Vejle Amts Folkeblad
Children's Administration receives almost 500,000 DKK: Playing with art will create new knowledge about children's education

17.05.2019 - Local newspaper Frederikshavn
Frederikshavn in children's culture project

16.05.2019 - DKNyt
Thousands of children to play with culture

15.05.2019 – P1
P1 Morning

15.05.2019 – P1 (from 06.54)
1,000 educators to learn LegeKunst

15.05.2019 – P4 (from 08.18)
Children must become even better at playing

15.05.2019 – P1: Culture on P1

15.05.2019 – TV Midwest
It's a bit weird, but actually a lot of fun

15.05.2019 – TV Midwest
Arts and culture for children spread across the country

15.05.2019 – Nordea Foundation
Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

15.05.2019 – Viborg Stifts Folkeblad
Project LegeKunst starts today with 25 million DKK from Nordea-fonden

15.05.2019 - DR
Playing with art and the senses will give 20,000 children across the country more confidence

15.05.2019 - Culture Monitor
70 million allocated to large-scale project to bring children and cultural life closer together

15.05.2019 – My City Viborg Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

15.05.2019 - UCL
UCL becomes part of Denmark's largest children's culture project

15.05.2019 – Absalon University of Applied Sciences
Absalon participates in Denmark's largest children's culture project

15.05.2019 – Music School LAURA
Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

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