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December 2023 – POP – På opdagelse i pædagogik og læring podcast
#61 – LegeKunst

Oktober 2023 – Educational Extract podcast
#27 Kunst og pædagogik – Om kunstpædagogik og legende, æstetiske processer

Juni 2023 – Culture Monitor
Nationalt kulturprojekt skar igennem på Christiansborg: »Lad os nu få samlet kræfterne og bygget broerne«

16.02.203 – Skive Municipality
LegeKunst har bragt Lærkeredens børn på rejse i kulturen

November 2022 BUKS Journal of Child and Youth Culture No 65 2022
Educators and artists in creative communities (theme issue Early Culture Start)

November 2022 Culture Monitor
Major national research project to be published in book form: arts and culture can promote children's play and education

08.11.2022 Culture on P1
Children should play with art (from 13:10 in the episode Iranian rapper sentenced to death)

August 2022 BUKS Journal of Child and Youth Culture No. 66 2022
Art pedagogy with maybe-universes (theme issue Designing for Play in New Nordic Childhood)

May 2022 PETERgogikum - Denmark's podcast on pedagogy
14 - Pedagogy and aesthetics, THANK YOU

May 2022 Children and Young People
Report - inspiration

December 2021 Educational Extract No 19 2021 (temanummer “Pædagogik og demokrati”)
When children's encounter with art becomes part of democratic education

December 2021 Magazine 0-14 No 4 2021 (themed issue "Children, brains, stress, play, learning" of 100 pages. Available on tel. 86187888 or
Play and art - Time was lost in the woods

07.12.2021 Skive Municipality
The nature group of the Lark is fond of art

31.10.2021 Ikast-Brande Nyt
Play art in Children's Village Øster

22.10.2021 Skive Folkeblad
Nature group children have Jeppe Aakjær as a companion

16.04.2021 Herning Folkeblad
Play and sing in Ejstrupholm: half an hour in the knowledge of rhymes

01.02.2021 Vejle Municipality
Creative in a corona time

23. 11.2020 TV2 Go' morgen Danmark
Guests in the studio: educator Louise Thygesen, artist Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt, research coordinator Lars Geer Hammershøj

17. 11.2020 P4 Midt og Vest Afternoon (about 1 hour 10 into the programme)
LegeKunst-days 2020 / Lærkereden kindergarten in Skive

17.11.2020 Culture on P1
PlayArt Days 2020 / Hallandsgården Children's Home in Ålsgårde

13.11.2020 Altinget Children
Less academisation and more creativity needed in teacher training

09.03.2020 – Magazine 0-14
Presentation of LegeKunst

08.03.2020 – TV 2 Lorry (7:18 into the program)
15 minute feature on LegeKunst in the Sunday Magazine

27.02.2020 – Helsingør Municipality
Play and Art go hand in hand

10.02.2020 – Politics
In the Rosenkilden children's home, children play, jump and dance - and not just for fun

16. 01.2020 – Pedagogical Extract / Via University College
Long live play (pages 35 - 42)

13.12.2019 – Viborg Stifts Folkeblad
Putting education in children's backpacks

11.12.2019 – DR1
TV Newspaper

10.12.2019 – Østvendsyssel Folkeblad
PlayArt in Dybvad Kindergarten

05.12.2019 – DR P1 (00:35 into the programme):
P1 Morning

05.12.2019 – Jyllands-Posten
Adults play through for the children

04.12.2019 – Culture Monitor
The earliest years must be used if children are to become familiar with the world of art and culture

03.12.2019 – Lærkereden, Skive
The great Flyndersø expedition

10.11.2019 – Vendelboposten
Children in Hjørring played their way into the universe of art

01.11.2019 – Thisted Municipality
LegeKunst has started in Snedsted

September 2019 - Children's Everyday Life No. 5 2019 (pp. 20-21)
LegeKunst will promote educational play in daycare facilities through art and culture

04.07.2019 – DPU, Aarhus University
Children's free play must be explored

11.06.2019 - Spøttrup Weekly
Kindergarten children from Hem to play with culture

28.05.2019 –
Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

27.05.2019 – Frederiksborg County Newspaper
Children from Helsingør become part of huge cultural initiative

24.05.2019 – Jelling Ugeavis
Denmark's largest children's culture project will benefit Jelling

23.05.2019 - Vejle Amts Folkeblad
Children's Administration receives almost 500,000 DKK: Playing with art will create new knowledge about children's education

17.05.2019 - Local newspaper Frederikshavn
Frederikshavn in children's culture project

16.05.2019 - DKNyt
Thousands of children to play with culture

15.05.2019 – P1
P1 Morning

15.05.2019 – P1 (from 06.54)
1,000 educators to learn LegeKunst

15.05.2019 – P4 (from 08.18)
Children must become even better at playing

15.05.2019 – P1: Culture on P1

15.05.2019 – TV Midwest
It's a bit weird, but actually a lot of fun

15.05.2019 – TV Midwest
Arts and culture for children spread across the country

15.05.2019 – Nordea Foundation
Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

15.05.2019 – Viborg Stifts Folkeblad
Project LegeKunst starts today with 25 million DKK from Nordea-fonden

15.05.2019 - DR
Playing with art and the senses will give 20,000 children across the country more confidence

15.05.2019 - Culture Monitor
70 million allocated to large-scale project to bring children and cultural life closer together

15.05.2019 – My City Viborg Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

15.05.2019 - UCL
UCL becomes part of Denmark's largest children's culture project

15.05.2019 – Absalon University of Applied Sciences
Absalon participates in Denmark's largest children's culture project

15.05.2019 – Music School LAURA
Now thousands of kindergarten children will play with culture

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