What is PlayArt?

PlayArt is a nationwide boost for the 0-6 age range. We build bridges and create encounters between children, daycare workers, educators, daycare leaders, researchers, students, teachers, artists and cultural mediators.

PlayArt brings the youngest closer to art and culture and researches what the encounter with art, culture and aesthetic processes in everyday life means for children's play and education as well as for the adults around them.

PlayAart is a co-creative practice in close cooperation with pedagogue education and thus also has an impact on the everyday lives of future pedagogues.

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PlayArt Star Blanket

Discover PlayArt programmes from all over Denmark when we show glimpses of PlayArt in our PlayArt blanket of stars. The blanket of stars is our digital notice board, which you can view by following the link below.

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Star moments video

We also made a movie! Watch it here:

Core concepts in PlayArt

Play, art and creativity are a path to good children's lives. In PlayArt we work for more play, art and creativity in children's everyday life, because it promotes children's education, community and well-being.

Through close collaboration with teacher training, educators and artists across the country, we are creating new pedagogical practices that promote and enhance the quality of children's play and education through art, cultural activities and experiences.

In PlayArt we focus on the core concepts:

  • Play
  • Bildung
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Aesthetic processes
  • Co-creation

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