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On this page we have collected all our PlayArt newsletters for you.

Newsletter # 52
June 2023
  • Thank you so much for two fabulous PlayArt Days 2023!
  • Read the Center for Cultural Evaluation's evaluation report 
  • LegeKunst researchers have published a special issue of the BUKS magazine
  • Several fascinating research articles have been added to the website
  • We create PlayArt - new tool for those who want to get started with PlayArt

Newsletter # 51
March 2023
  • It's here! Registration for the PlayArt Days 2023 is open! 
  • Project manager Camilla Høg visits our PlayArt actors in the Faroe Islands
  • New podcast episode: Art gives us a different view of the child
  • SNUDE of the week - lessons from practice: following children's footsteps

Newsletter # 50
February 2023
  • Listen to all the great PlayArt songsmade in Holbaek
  • Save the Date - LegeKunst Dage 2023
  • New podcast episode: Supervisors who dare to say: That's great, but is it LegeKunst?
  • New book on play with chapters by LegeKunst researchers

Newsletter # 49
December 2022
  • Help us make PlayArt Days 2023 even better
  • LegeKunst is now on
  • LegeKunst actors receive Jørn Møllers Legepris 2022
  • PlayArt Cards is on its way to all regions in Denmark

Newsletter # 48
November 2022
  • New LegeKunst book identifies how arts and culture can strengthen day care

Newsletter # 47
September 2022
  • Registration for PlayArt Days 2022 is now open!
  • PlayArt has taken Edinburgh
  • LegeKunst has been extended until summer 2023
  • SNUDE of the week - lessons from practice: the adults let go and the children open up

Newsletter # 46
July 2022
  • Thanks to Maja Lukoschewitz - our virtual guide to the People's Meeting
  • PlayArt in the Faroe Islands
  • The first invitations to the PlayArt Days 2022 have been sent out
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice:
    Music brings security and community

Newsletter # 45
June 2022
  • Hear about a former student teacher's transformation in PlayArt podcast
  • Come and experience the LegeKunst debate at People's Meeting!
  • We brew on this year's PlayArt days
  • Hear how sound art can give space to listen and improvise together
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice:
    Playfulness flourishes in young and old

Newsletter # 44
April 2022
  • What happens when an artist has the courage to go outside his artistic field? Listen to the new podcast section.
  • Audio narration targeted 3-4-year-olds by LegeKunstner Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt
  • PlayArt tools developed in practice can now be found on the website!
  • Article: Aesthetic processes in day care: What do the children think?
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice: giraffes can be pink in Ellebæk Children's Home

Newsletter # 43
March 2022
  • Democracy from childhood with play and art
  • Hooray! The project management team is looking forward to your visit!
  • SNUDE of the week - lessons from practice: let go and become a lamp

Newsletter # 42
February 2022
  • Articles on the LegeKunst programme focus on the contribution of the project
  • The seven research projects have got short videos
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice:
    The ladybirds found more music and courage

Newsletter # 41
December 2021
  • KulturHave on dk4 spotlights LegeKunst
  • PlayArt on the schedule at continuing education
  • Listen to the latest LegeKunst podcast about opportunity
  • More art in the game of PlayArt Card
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice:
    "Yes, and... - then we said I was a ray of sunshine!"

Newsletter # 40
November 2021
  • LegeKunst has got its very first festival - Hanne Kusk talks about the opening.
  • LegeKunst Dage 2021 offered flashes of research with legends, outside views and much more
  • SNUDE of the week - lessons from practice: how do we find the courage?

Newsletter # 39
November 2021
  • Experience internationally renowned Anne Bamford at LegeKunst Dage 2021
  • Last chance: sign up for LegeKunst Dage 2021
  • PlayArt at the Children's Culture Relay
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice:
    Calimba animals and peregrine falcon

Newsletter # 38
October 2021
  • We are proud to present Lise Hovik at this year's PlayArt Days
  • Register for PlayArt Days 2021
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice:
    At Søndergård Children's Home, they infect each other with inspiration
  • PlayArt vitamins: little dog someone has taken your meat bone

Newsletter # 37
September 2021
  • Read the new report: What is the good life according to children?
  • Kick-off has a new shape in Viborg private cluster
  • Send us your starlight to the star carpet
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice: back in time with the Star Shot
  • PlayArt vitamins: Kastel Warrior

Newsletter # 36
September 2021
  • Nordea Foundation Board visited LegeKunst
  • Great joy when the steering group of LegeKunst could finally play together again
  • Join Kulturprinsen as they send out the Children's Culture Relay
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice: stories from All the new about all the old
  • PlayArt vitamins: the paper train

Newsletter # 35
August 2021
  • KunstnerLaboratorium welcomes new LegeKunst municipality
  • SNUDE of the week - lessons from practice: courage and magic moments
  • LegeKunst vitamins: the soap after the bacteria
  • See the digital PlayArt Star Blanket

Newsletter # 34
August 2021
  • LegeKunst goes live at Kulturmødet 2021
  • Watch or re-watch the debates "Arts and Culture in Day Care" and "New times and new opportunities for arts and culture in schools?"

Newsletter # 33
August 2021
  • Don't miss the LegeKunst debate "Art and culture in day care" at the Culture Summit 2021
  • Cool look from Kulturprinsen's creative ArtistLaboratory 
    - see where and when it happens again 
  • LegeKunst has small mascots in Hjørring
  • SNUDE of the week - experiences from practice: Villa Kulla and the four artists
  • LegeKunst-Vitamin: Superhero training

Newsletter # 32
July 2021
  • LegeKunst welcomes new project coordinator
  • New LegeKunst podcast: invisible threads - between artistic and art pedagogical processes in LegeKunst
  • Artist laboratories focus on the role of the artist in PlayArt
  • LegeKunst goes live for Kulturmødet 2021
  • LegeKunstGødning sparks creativity in North Jutland

Newsletter # 31
June 2021
  • A sneak peek at the Artists' Laboratory
  • Quick facts about action learning in LegeKunst
  • SNUDE OF THE WEEK: When Thumbelina visited Fredly Forest Kindergarten
  • PlayArt vitamins: Zoological Adventure

Newsletter # 30
May 2021
  • Hooray! LegeKunst is 2 years old
  • Meet our new Communications Officer Mille
  • SNUDE story of the week
  • Example of LegeKunst vitamins: dance your music

Newsletter # 29
April 2021
  • Digital LegeKunst: online storytelling in daycare Trip Trap Wooden shoes
  • Tips for developing online courses
  • Keep the Snude stories on track
  • Example of PlayArt vitamins: Bobo the elephant
  • Learn more about LegeKunst research for the Day of Research 2021

Newsletter # 28
April 2021
  • Mark your calendars: LegeKunst-days 2021 in North Jutland
  • Dive into exciting SNUDE stories from all over Denmark
  • Take care of inspiring PlayArt-Vitamins!
  • Do you need the LegeKunst process manual?

Newsletter # 27
March 2021
  • About Camilla Høg: new project manager in LegeKunst
  • PlayArt-Vitamins: send us your everyday play!
  • Revisit a star moment from Dybvad Kindergarten in Frederikshavn
  • Be inspired to work with culture, aesthetics and communities


Newsletter # 26
February 2021
  • Why 1700 have already downloaded LegeKunst Podcasts
  • Relive the atmosphere of the national PlayArt Days 2020
  • Reflections from the LegeKunst days
  • The reinforced pedagogical curriculum published in edited version
  • Starry moments from outer space
  • New publication on day care pedagogy

Newsletter # 25
January 2021
  • PlayArt in Corona Time
  • New project manager for LegeKunst from 1 February: Camilla Høg
  • Watch or re-watch the online seminar: art education - art as play and education
  • Read research article "Creativity in children as play and humour" by Lars Geer Hammershøj

Newsletter # 24
December 2020
  • New podcast out: join us for maybe-coffee in the Fairy Valley!
  • LegeKunst and VIA make after/further-education courses about play, aesthetics and education in daycare
  • Read Kulturprinsen's chronicle in Altinget: less academisation and more creativity in teacher education
  • P4 Midt & Vest on a visit to LegeKunst at Flyndersø with Lærkereden kindergarten

Newsletter # 23
November 2020
  • Thank you for wonderful National PlayArt Days 2020
  • See material and video from PlayArt Days 2020
  • New project manager for LegeKunst sought
  • See the digital PlayArt Star Blanket

Newsletter # 22
October 2020
  • Corona security at LegeKunst Dage 2020

Newsletter # 21
October 2020
  • Thanks to Tanja for project management in LegeKunst
  • The national LegeKunst Days are moved to Hotel Scandic Sydhavnen
  • LegeKunst Days in the virtual
  • Welcome to Esbjerg!

Newsletter # 20
October 2020
  • The National PlayArt Days 2020 - online and presence
  • WANTED: Small video clips from LegeKunst courses for this year's digital Star Carpet
  • Impressions from the autumn development seminars
  • Researchers get to grips with LegeKunst

Newsletter # 19
September 2020
  • Registration for LegeKunst days in November: the Corona situation
  • Watch or re-watch the talk "Art and culture in day care" from Kulturmødet '20
  • New LegeKunst podcast out!
  • Highlights from the Education Debate '20

Newsletter # 18
August 2020
  • LegeKunst goes online at the Culture Meeting on 20 August
  • The Art of Balancing PlayArt in a Corona Age
  • Regional development seminars
  • Don't forget to register for the national PlayArt Days in November!

Newsletter # 17
July 2020
  • Prof. Dr. Anne Bamford visits the LegeKunst days in November
  • PlayArt at Kulturmødet 2020
  • Highlights from the regional stocktaking meetings
  • LegeKunst at this year's Education Debate
  • Application deadline for COVID-19 art support scheme extended

Newsletter # 16
June 2020
  • PlayArt in corona time
  • Ministry of Culture launches temporary COVID 19 support scheme for artists
  • Status meetings in the regions
  • LegeKunst makes its way through magazines
  • Star moments in municipalities: play and art go hand in hand

Newsletter # 15
May 2020
  • LegeKunst is 1 year old!
  • Materials from the first year of LegeKunsts
  • Practice story from Skive Municipality
  • Read about LegeKunst's first year in the magazine Curly Brains.

Newsletter # 14
May 2020
  • LegeKunst podcast: Lars Geer Hammershøj talks about play, education and LegeKunst
  • Get sharp at digital collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • PlayArt at Kulturmødet Mors 2020
  • See list of upcoming conferences in the field of day care

Newsletter # 13
April 2020
  • Digital shooting stars in a corona era.
  • PlayArt days: relive the atmosphere, hear reflections and get materials.
  • Mark your calendars: National PlayArt Days in November 2020
  • Feature on LegeKunst in TV 2 Lorry Sunday magazine

Newsletter # 12
March 2020
  • How about PlayArt when corona puts play on hold?
  • Information for you as an artist, educator, day care manager, coordinator or other kind of actor in LegeKunst.

Newsletter # 11
February 2020
  • New gems from LegeKunst.
  • Watch video and material from the PlayArt Days
  • See recent press coverage on LegeKunst.

Newsletter # 10
January 2020
  • Video greeting from the PlayArt researchers at UC Lillebælt.
  • Research project "Magic into day care".
  • Workshop at the Music School Laura in Aarhus.

Newsletter # 9
December 2019
  • LegeKunst Dage: national LegeKunst conference in Aarhus.
  • LegeKunst in the national news
  • PlayArt podcast.
  • New LegeKunst website.

Newsletter # 8
November 2019
  • See workshops at the upcoming PlayArt Days.
  • New website on the way.
  • Development seminars and research collection.

Newsletter # 7
November 2019
  • The LegeKunst star rug.
  • We play with several municipalities.
  • LegeKunst at KL theme meeting.
  • LegeKunst-glimt: Animation workshop in Viborg.
  • Joint Research Day.

Newsletter # 6
September 2019
  • PlayArt at Kulturmødet Mors
  • Development seminars in the regions
  • Kick-off in the municipalities

Newsletter # 5
August 2019
  • Programme for PlayArt activities at Kulturmødet Mors
  • See upcoming conferences on day care

Newsletter # 4
June 2019
  • LegeKunst-pixibog
  • News from the Steering Group
  • News from regions and municipalities

Newsletter # 3
May 2019
  • Read the press release sent out in connection with the grant from the Nordea Foundation

Newsletter # 2
April 2019
  • Meeting of regional coordinators
  • Municipal project groups on the way
  • Design line under preparation

Newsletter # 1
January 2019
  • Application to Nordea Fund sent
  • Flyer about LegeKunst
  • Dialogues with municipalities

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