Documentation of the PlayArt programme by the institution: wonders, reflections and stories

In LegeKunst we have chosen stories as a pedagogical framework, where we reflect on our own practice in a meaningful way, focusing on how the artistic activities affect the children and everyday life. The practice narratives are based on your own everyday life and are written or told in your everyday language.

Each Action Learning Group will work on four stories:
# 0 SNIP narrative
# 1 SNAP story
# 2 SNUDE story

See a detailed description of the step-by-step documentation process and explanations of the different concepts in The PlayArt Process Manual. Click here

Your digital documentation tool for the PlayArt programme: Microsoft Teams

The documentation of your process should be easily accessible and user-friendly for the whole action learning group. In LegeKunst we have therefore chosen to use Microsoft Teamswhich is a digital collaboration tool where you can create a closed internal group for your daycare.

In your LegeKunst team, you can gather your documents and conversations in one place, creating a clear and productive collaboration space.

It is the PlayArt Leader who makes sure that all PlayArt programmes in your municipality have their own PlayArt team. It is then the responsibility of the day care manager/consultant to invite members into the team and that the documentation is kept.

I PDF guide below you will find a detailed guide to using Microsoft Teams in LegeKunst.

PDF Guide to the collection of
documentation in Microsoft Teams

This guide is aimed at
PlayArt Leader and
day care centre managers / day care consultants

Team icon

Here you can download a team picture
to your LegeKunst team
in Microsoft Teams