Dear Parents

Welcome to LegeKunst!

If your child's institution is part of LegeKunst, you can look forward to small and big changes in your child's everyday life. Some you will notice here and now - others you will discover in the long term as a change of everyday life in your child's institution.

Your child will join the children and adults in the day care centre to discover someone who is not usually in the house: an artist or someone from the local museum, music school, theatre, music house or...? With LegeKunst, more art and culture, play and education come into your child's everyday life in the institution.

Play and education with art and culture

Of course your children are already playing. In fact, we all do, because playing is an important part of being human. Just as important is having the opportunity to express yourself in different ways. Through singing, dancing, art, music, theatre, storytelling and many other forms of artistic expression.

In LegeKunst, we focus on just that: promoting play and education through art and culture. LegeKunst is a project where children and adults are not so concerned with creating a particular product, but instead concentrate together on the process - on play through art and culture. It is not just the children's play that is to be encouraged. Adults also become better at playing at children's level and following children's initiatives and ideas.

Some day-care centres will also have a researcher close by on a daily basis. Research is an important part of LegeKunst. As LegeKunst reaches out to many children across the country, we have a unique opportunity to develop and learn about quality in day care - including by researching how art and culture promote play and education in children's everyday lives.

Why art and culture are important in your child's life

When children encounter art and culture in their everyday lives, they are better able to develop a wide range of important qualities in their lives. Arts and culture are not just about performers and spectators. Arts and culture shape, educate and give us outlook and identity. It is through arts and culture, media, theatre, film, visual arts, storytelling and music, among others, that we create our identity as individuals and as participants in communities across social and ethnic divides.

The opportunity to participate in the arts and cultural life is an important part of children's upbringing. But arts and culture do not come naturally. That's why we need to make an active effort to introduce our youngest children to it. Curiosity must be aroused through special experiences that open up children's senses, imagination and creativity. Art and culture provide experiences, impressions and opportunities for expression, as a very valuable part of what our day care can offer children. Art and culture create an understanding of our history and our roots. Through art and culture, children come together and share experiences, experiences and joy of life. Knowledge of artistic and cultural expressions helps to develop children's imagination, nuance their world view and broaden their horizons.

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