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Other inspiration

Here you will find links to articles and publications that are indirectly related to the PlayArt project. It can be about action learning, play or anything else relevant for you who are interested in PlayArt.

Aesthetic processes in day care - action research inspired project where educators and artists collaborate

By Henriette Blomgren

Date: 4.4.2019

Type: doctoral thesis

Publisher: Department of Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark

This article-based dissertation explores aesthetics as the sensitive experience and cognition, and with this a perspective that opens aesthetics in day care to include sensations, sensations, togetherness, interaction, play, meaning and experiences of something more. The thesis is linked to the development project European Cultural Children, but is an independent action research inspired project. The project seeks to challenge educators' aesthetic-reflective approach and actions with aesthetic processes through a collaboration with artists in the daycare environment.

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