The documentation of a PlayArt programme must be easily accessible and user-friendly. In LegeKunst, we have therefore chosen to use Microsoft Teams, which is a digital collaboration tool where you can create a closed internal group for your day care.

With Microsoft Teams, you can chat and gather your documents, conversations, meetings and more in one place to create a manageable and productive workspace.

It is the PlayArt Leader who ensures that all PlayArt programmes in the municipality have their own PlayArt team. It is then the responsibility of the daycare supervisor/consultant to invite members into the team and that the documentation is kept.

I PDF guide below you get a detailed guide to Microsoft Teams in LegeKunst.

PDF Guide to the collection of
documentation in Microsoft Teams

This guide is aimed at
PlayArt Leader and
the day-care centre manager/consultant

Team icon

Here you can download a team picture
to your LegeKunst team
in Microsoft Teams

about Microsoft Teams

Here will soon be frequently asked
questions and answers about LegeKunst and
Microsoft Teams