DAILY OFFER: Nursery Tumlehuset

Snood story: Kindergarten Tumblehuset (2020)

Questions to ask

We are curious if educators can become better at following the children in music and play

How have you experienced the co-creation between artist/cultural educator/cultural school teacher, educators and children and possibly researcher?

There has been a good collaboration between artist and staff. Michael has learned a lot and the educators have been very open and participatory. There is no one holding back.

Educator;" We try to be spontaneous, that's what action learning should develop."

Educator; "Great to get some new songs, new ideas for what we can do. And it's good that we all join in and do the same thing. Then we can follow the children more easily."

How have children's perspectives been expressed/included?

The project has been very adult-led. Mikael's structure of a music/movement program (start with a welcome, variation of high and low tempo, up and down activities, end with a quiet activity) has been used and it works really well for the children.

In relation to the children, some children initially found it difficult to participate in the process, but each time Michael came, they became more and more courageous and eventually became active participants. This continued when the adults in the institution took over.

The children have had the opportunity to withdraw, but most were keen to participate - albeit in different ways.

Do the children play different games and with different people than they usually do?

The kids talk about the project when they eat, even the kids who don't look like they're participating.

The children also start to play some of the things themselves.

Some of the hard-to-catch children have participated in parts of the programs, which is a development from before.

How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

The goal of the play art course was for the staff to dare to step out of their comfort zone. To put themselves into play, follow the child's lead and actively/exuberantly manage a process that could engage the children from start to finish.

The staff have become more spontaneous and have come up with many great ideas that don't require any musical skills.

A teacher sat down and played the guitar, she doesn't know any chords. She just sat and played with one hand and sang with the children.

What has it been like to work with action learning?

All institutions in Thisted municipality work with action learning on an ongoing basis. It has not been a different form than what they are used to, although this action learning is less structured.

What are educators still/now curious about?

The program has been an eye-opener and the staff is still working on creating coherent programs that make sense for the children. The staff think a lot about walking in front of, next to and behind the child and being an active participant.

Some still find it difficult to step out of their comfort zone, but they are now aware of the importance of it and they do it, even though it's hard.

How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the future?

Tumlehuset will continue to participate in the LegeKunst or similar project and in this way work with art, culture and aesthetic processes, in addition to continuing to work with the things they have learned along the way.