REGION: Middle
MUNICIPALITY: Ikast-brande
DAILY OFFER: Vibereden

Snood story: Vibereden (2022)

The path of magic was paved. All the Viber's had had the most amazing journey. Everything they had hoped for and more. It seemed like the more magic that was added, the easier it got.

The best part of the trip, they all agreed, was that they were all in it together. They felt the community and all the little vibes that gradually became curious and comfortable with the magic. The big vibes also quickly became more familiar and dared to jump into fantasy land. After all, it was magical, sensory and exciting everything you could experience. The magic was unfolded in many different contexts. It was contagious among all the Vibers. There were smiles, laughter, happy and curious faces. The Lapwings enjoyed being in the lovely forest, where there were high ceilings and plenty of space and opportunities to flap their wings. It was a place for sensing and experiencing. There were curious little and big Lapwings who had a lot of wonderful aesthetic experiences. The vivers could use nature's materials on the fantasy journeys and practice courses could be made for young and old and imagination could be unfolded. It was quite magical!

The old Owl clapped his hands, it had been a wonderful few months with happy children and adults. It had been a real pleasure. The lapwings' eyes shone and they flapped their wings. What a wonderful time it had been and with inspiration from the old owl. They said thank you and were very grateful.

In the forest, there was a party for all the animals. They wanted to celebrate that the play art project was coming to an end. One of the big Lapwings had made the most beautiful and magical cake that all the birds, big and small, had ever seen. The cake represented all the amazing, magical and imaginative spaces they had visited on their imaginary journeys.

There was the museum, the laughing stump, the transformation room, the magic air tree, the storytelling bench, the silly bridge, pink Rosamunde and Mr. Pippengøj. All tied together by the finest red string that ran through the forest. What an amazing cake.

The little and big Viber would never forget what they had experienced. They would continue to be curious, daring to jump out and experience magic and fantasy. Everyone agreed that magic was here to stay in the Vibe Forest.

Snip, snap snout and that story is out......

.....tip tap tap barrel, now a new magical vibe journey can begin.

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