Play, co-creation, music

DAILY OFFER: The poppy

Period: September-December 2021

Leader: Hanne Sloth

Artist: Mette Trillingsgaard

Art form: Music

Kick-off meeting: August 2021


Who are we?

Located in an area that is enriched with many different cultures and ethnicities, our house is a diverse and inclusive place. We have approx. 38 nursery children and 47 kindergarten children. We have one of Esbjerg's best playgrounds and we prioritize outdoor life highly. We have three key concepts that we constantly work with as a focus for our professional practice - play, cooperation and relationships. This is how we think about our interaction with the children, our daily dialog with parents and our internal cooperation and development. The children who participated in play art were the youngest from year 16 and our middle group year 17 - a total of 20 children divided into two teams. Many of the children who participated have language challenges, language barriers or other challenges.

In the project Play Art in the Poppy we had a wish for a collaboration with an artist who could help expand/contribute to our pedagogical practice within a more playful and experimental approach to song/music - movement - with a focus on language.

We have worked on the following in the course?

- How can we adults bring a more playful and experimental approach to singing and music etc. into our practice?

- How can we make music part of everyday life - both as an adult-led activity and in children's own play?

- How can we implement indoor and outdoor learning environments that support play with music and language?

- A common thread from the nursery where there is a lot of work with singing, music etc. to the kindergarten.

Throughout the process, we have experienced that music, singing and co-creation have a huge value for our children and not least we adults. During the project, the children have had ample opportunity to have co-determination, this has given the children a great joy / motivation to participate in the project.

After the project, we see that our children and adults have been inspired.

We now experience more often that our children spontaneously break out into song, they invite us to gatherings. They show a greater interest in different genres of music and the children have become very interested in building and playing instruments in the playground. This can be anything from finding a big branch that turns into a guitar to turning our buckets in the sandbox into drums.

We adults have now become aware of grasping the children's interests and developing the games/music in collaboration with the children. Together with the children, we have made song suitcases with visual material and songs, where our bilingual children are also taken into account. The project has also become part of our joint gatherings where we use the songs, singing games, different music genres etc. that have been used during the course of the program.

Music and song have become a common language.

To make even more room for music in everyday life, we have now started building a music room with instruments, stage, disco lights, dress up clothes etc.

The project has been a creative and educational process for both children and adults - it has been an exciting journey we have been on together. We have created something together - small and large, been curious and ready to grab something new, different and exciting that gives joy. A big thank you to artist Mette Thorhave Trillingsgaard for a good, educational and inspiring collaboration.