Region: Sjælland
Municipality: Næstved
By: Toksværd
Year: 2020
Artist: Maria Wolder
SFO, Holmegårdsskolen

Snout story Toksværd SFO.

We started our Play-Art project with a group of children coming from three different groups of children,
as well as some children who are brand new to the school. From the beginning we have been very concerned about how
we can create community and security for the preschool group. We chose to be exploratory about how
The play-art project could be part of the process by focusing on:
Formation and Community. It has been important for us to start from what the children say and
show us with their behaviour, this to be able to feel if the activities leave traces in the children.
The four times Maria has been with us, the day has started in a familiar way for the children.
Maria says good morning to the group of children in a variety of ways, using different facial expressions,
voice and body language. The majority of children imitate with great empathy, laughter and smiles every time
Maria says good morning. Some children had to find courage and needed to watch the activity.
For the first time, the children are given a cloth bag, which they each have to do something with, for example put it on their heads. At
the children in the circle show what they have come up with, it is a bit difficult for some of them
and dare to show to the group.

Co-creation and collaboration. We wanted to be challenged on ideas for strengthening children's desire to create
relationships and learn from each other. This as an offer where the focus is on the process of creating something together,
there may also be an output that can create flashbacks and good memories in terms of community
and friendships. Would it be possible for children who do not know each other to have a common space where
communicating solutions, practical skills, and perhaps even establishing relationships and familiarity with
each other.

A small group of boys is working on a construction project that they are becoming increasingly absorbed in. Stacking, banging
nail in it becomes a complicated construction - an animal hospital they agree in their negotiation that it
must be. Communication takes place in a very fine flow. Sometimes they get help from Jens to get
savety or other necessary assistance. At one point one of the boys finds his way over to Maria's where he paints a
part of the wooden structure green, back in the group he gets the brightly coloured entrance portal put on
the building.

Two girls who are unfamiliar with each other show a budding interest in doing something together. The girls
really want to sit next to each other and paint. Both girls are a bit shy when they are in the
large group, but while they sit and paint, a connection emerges. Afterwards, the girls play on,
dance with each other and also give each other hugs.

Experiences from the play-art project:

Use the skills we have acquired from the good morning exercise, occasionally using our own bodies
and vote in a different way.
Be inspired and rediscover your own skills, in relation to creativity in activities and projects with
the children.

Important that activities are prepared and known to educators. The amount of activities offered and
the length of the planned activities must be adapted to the children's stamina.