MUNICIPALITY: Frederikshavn
DAILY OFFER: Thorshøj Sports Kindergarten

Snow story: Thorshøj Idrætsbørnehus (2022)

Through LegeKunst, we have had 2 groups of children. The oldest from the nursery and our kindergarten group. In terms of staff, we have had 2 educators and 1 assistant on the project.

The staff initially expressed that it was an upheaval to get used to "letting go" and following the children's tracks. What are the children interested in and what direction is this project going to take. After a few times, it all started to make more sense for both children and staff. We tried out different projects, some worked really well, but others needed changes. The staff say that it has been a good learning experience and that they have realized what quality play art has on our group of children. There is no longer a focus on the product that comes out of what the children make, but more the process and focus on what we can accomplish with these materials. We have become more aware of the impact of being on the floor with the children. At the same time, we also learned the importance of being prepared. Having found the things we need and not having too many options.

We are now going to start working with play art ourselves and we are very much looking forward to using it. We take a lot of things with us from our course. We will start by using some of the recognizable tools for the children and see if it can lead to new stories.

Sincerely yours

Kim Skriver

Manager Thorshøj Idrætsbørnehus