REGION: Central Jutland
DAILY OFFER: Sødal Børnehus

Snow story: Sødal Børnehus (2022)

Marco, our artist, has been a very good teacher, teaching us how to use ourselves without a lot of props. We've gotten great tips on how to use these props to become many different things and how to incorporate the props into the stories.

We've learned from Marco right from the start that we follow the children's initiatives so that they have a say in the stories and help steer what happens.

With the tools we have been given, we can also practice what we have set goals for with the children. (taking turns, giving space, daring to stand up)

It's also good for the kids because it's so physical, a bit wild and a bit silly. There is always movement. It captures the children in a good way. The movements must be clear here.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the quiet children who have come along very well. They have developed a lot. The children have also become better at taking each other into account, because we are very close in the activity and everyone is safe in the room where we look after each other and are together on something.

For example, the children managed to sit in a long row where they had to tap their shoulders without saying anything. They were super good at this exercise.

We also have a boy who didn't participate the first few times. Then as a spectator. The last two times he has participated in the activities.

It's hard to say if we'll see developments outside of the drama room. But in the longer term, this is definitely a piece of creating a homogeneous group heading to school (in a year)

Are we thinking differently now compared to before the process?

We've gained a natural approach to drama by doing it this way. It was a bit fast at first and we didn't quite know what to do.

We also think differently in terms of "how easily" we can do something cool with the kids.

We've grown with the job and we've had a really good process. It will be exciting to see how it will continue without Marco. - Also in terms of implementing it for the rest of the company.

What are we doing to follow in their footsteps?

We focus on ensuring that the games we present are games that we can quickly involve the children in and where they have a say.

Going forward:

Should we continue to use the things we have learned - the framework itself. That we plan from time to time who warms up, who starts the stories, etc.

We should reflect after each time and agree on what to do next time. Talk about how often we should do the activity.

Then! Maintain the framework and develop further

In terms of passing it on to our colleagues, it would be great to present it through games at a staff meeting

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