DAILY OFFER: Snedsted Kindergarten

Snow story: Snedsted Børnehave (2022)

Research questions

How can you play Science into everyday life?

How have you experienced the co-creation between artist/cultural educator/cultural school teacher, educators and children and possibly researcher?

It has been a great collaboration between artist, educators and children. There has been a lot of laughter and many great moments. There have been many good ideas for what can be done with small means.

It's been great to play with the kids.

In the beginning, the whole group of children was together, which wasn't good, it was very divisive.

The artist has been very good at following the children's lead. He incorporates the children's ideas into the art.

Educators would like more time for preparation, among other things. This is important when you want to do something 100%.

It was good that artists and educators had the 8 times together. The 75-25 % distribution was a bit of a toss-up.

But it was good for the educators to experience that they could do it themselves.

How have children's perspectives been expressed/included?

The children were allowed to try things out and join in when they felt like it.

One child was allowed to sit on his knees to see how things worked, and afterwards he was encouraged to participate.

Another child wanted to draw rather than build things, which changed the project. The drawing became part of the work, along with several children's drawings.

The kids didn't know how to use a drill, so the adults switched gears and did a project with tools so the kids could learn.

The children have been excited and looking forward to it. They have talked about PlayArt in between the artists' visits to the institution.

Do the children play different games and with different people than they usually do?

Some of the children who "fluttered" were caught. The adults got a new behavior that worked on the children. "I'm going to start doing this" and then see if the children come and are curious. The children did.

One day they drew bananas in the project - the children asked for it afterwards.

They got an eye for the shape and colors of a banana. It became a small club of "banana artists".

Educators have seen new angles on the children.

How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

Educator; "It has been exciting to work with a full-day learning environment in a new way."

"Learning after lunch" was worked on when the project was carried out in the afternoon.

The pedagogical manager wants to look at the daily structure and see if this can be a new way in the house. Try something new.

It has been an eye-opener to experience what it means to follow the children.

What do they do?

Educator; "It can be something to see things from their eyes and follow it".

Artist: "Yes, but there has to be an interaction - the children bring something and you bring something".

What has it been like to work with action learning?

The institution works with this on an ongoing basis. All daycare facilities in Thisted municipality do this.

To the artist/cultural educator/cultural school teacher, if present: What have you gained from participating in LegeKunst?

The artist has been challenged. He has been traveling for many years with a finished product.

Artist: "It's been great - and nerve-wracking that there hasn't been a fixed framework or product goals.

It's exciting that it's over a longer period of time and that there was a collaboration."

The artist articulates that it was good that the educators were consistent. "It has been important so that it is not the same every time".

The artist has adjusted the toolbox to suit 4-year-olds as well.

"Great workmanship. Fun to work with the younger group".

What are educators still/now curious about?

The educators would like to change the framework in the institution - what will it mean for the children? Can you immerse yourself more with the children? There are some practices that need to be looked at in the organization.

There is a desire to transfer it to the other children who did not participate in PlayArt - spread it more throughout the house.

The educators articulate that it is exciting to hear the children's perspective to a greater extent.

How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the future?

There is a desire for one more PlayArt project - it could take place outdoors (in April, May and June).