REGION: Sjælland
DAILY OFFER: Skovbørnehaven Svend Gønge and Alfehuset

Snow story: Skovbørnehaven Svend Gønge and Alfehuset (2022)

We want to explore how to give children the best opportunities, to spot each other and say yes to co-creation?

How do we find the courage within ourselves to jump into the deep end without knowing the destination?

How has it gone in relation to the overall wonder? What are we still curious about?

The free choice of materials clearly helped to strengthen the children's ownership and desire to participate and contribute, but also contributed to their curiosity about what their peers found inspiring! The sight of all the materials sparked creativity, imagination and a sense of community. It was their ideas and co-creation that was the power of creating a joint work of art. It was really impressive how long they could stay focused, how little adult guidance was needed. They each created their own little piece of art, which in the process was transformed into a joint sculpture as the story unfolded.

It has been a fantastic process and also nerve-wracking. Nerve-wracking to jump in and just be in the process without knowing what materials and ideas were in play - what did the art educator have in mind and what materials did she bring?

It was wonderful to experience the collaboration with the art educator, who constantly grasped and translated the children's ideas, sounds, words and mimicry into a co-creative process. Who constantly found the magic and sprinkled magic dust over the story. Likewise, there was a wonderfully infectious engagement from the researchers, who were excited to be part of our story and were curious along with us.

It was so wonderful for the teacher to find the courage to dare to jump into the unexpected. To be in the process together with the children. So it will continue to be a focus to dare the chaotic, to be curious about equal democratic processes. To dare to set the materials free, to fill the forest floor or workshop table with paint, pipe cleaner, tulle, fabric, scissors, hammer, glitter and just inform that there is one rule - "remember to listen, talk together and agree while creating".

At the same time, working with the Snip, snap snout / action learning model has opened our eyes to a new evaluation method that we will try to implement in our two houses and spread to our partners. Working systematically with wonder, transformation, anchoring and new curiosity are tools that make sense to us. The small narratives in the snaps are wonderful little glimpses that can be used as documentation, reflection and collection.

So Snip, Snap, Snude is not out here with us!