MUNICIPALITY: Mariagerfjord
DAILY OFFER: Sennels Kindergarten

Snow story: Sennels Børnehave (2022)


Model: 5

Institution: Sennels Børnehave

Art form: Children's Magic: Yoga - storytelling - creativity - dance and rhythm.

Artist: Bibi Frederiksen

Pedagogical manager: Michelle Holler

PlayArt supervisor: Heidi Fly

Cast: 5 adults and 27 children

Survey questions: Can participation in PlayArtFertilizer support children's courage and can this courage be transferred to other situations in everyday life?

SNIP from Sennels Børnehave

Sennels is located well away from the major bypasses and the stress of the big city. Surrounded by fields with the Limfjord as a neighbor, Sennels Børnehave is safely located on the outskirts of the village.

All year round, the kindergarten playground is buzzing with play, laughter and love. Sennels Børnehave is home to 72 completely irresistible, delightful children and 12 loving, playful adults. You're probably thinking! "Wow! That's a lot". Yes, they are a lot, but with high ceilings and room to use your body, it doesn't seem like a lot when you're in Sennels Børnehave. During the winter months, they all go inside to shelter from the rain and wind, then they enjoy their group rooms spread around the grounds.

The staff wonders why there are so many children who want to watch when new activities are started.

They are not participants but choose to be spectators before joining the activity.

The staff want the children to have more courage and desire to try something new and learn that it is not dangerous.

The staff will be aware of whether the courage that may be generated in PlayArtFertilizer can be transferred to other situations.

Similarly, will staff look to see if there will be children who continue to seek safety or do children become more courageous as the project progresses?

How have you experienced the co-creation between artist/cultural educator/cultural school teacher, educator and children and possibly researcher?

Educators and artists feel that it has been important to set a framework, otherwise all the children would not be able to participate.

But the educators let go a lot within that framework and so did the artist.

The artist articulates that it has been fun, educational and a bit of a challenge to participate in LegeKunstGødning.

New for her to let go of control and expectations.

"It's exciting to see how the children and staff react when the gas is turned on."

The co-creation has been very smooth, but the consultant articulates at a meeting that it was more like an activity than a game. This changed the project somewhat so that everyone became better at providing input.

The children have been good at co-creating, both with the adults and with each other.

How have children's perspectives been expressed/included?

The children are good at building games and they continue the games in the playground.

Along the way, the children have commented on the adults' input; "Can't we just open the box - instead of singing and doing magic?".

Some of the items are requested by the children when the artist is not there.

Do the children play different games and with different people than they usually do?

The educators experience that it has been exciting to see what it has done to do joint breathing. The children play together - they calm down - it is something they do together. The children themselves request the calm and relaxation.

Some of the children have acted differently than the adults expected. Some of the more insecure children have offered some good ideas and have dared to open up in the large group. The children generally sit more freely and do not sit with the adults anymore. The staff experience less need for the children to watch the new activities and they no longer withdraw. The children take more initiative and have more courage.

The children have expanded their play circles and start playing themselves.

LegeKunstGødning hasn't started communities across the house as such because it was a close-knit group from the start.

Some parents report that their children have started playing "yoga" at home.

How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

Courage is discussed as it has been a recurring theme.

The educators have become better at following the children's tracks in play and use their imagination more in everyday life.

Educators have also become better at working spontaneously. Allowing that they are not always so well prepared and that they can let go of control.

What are educators still/now curious about?

The educators are curious about why the children have become braver? What has brought about this change?

The children have had a say and been involved in managing the play, they have had ownership of the process.

Children have seen adults being "out of control".

The adults have been on equal footing with the children - has this created a safer environment for the children?

How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the future?

Educators will continue to create shared stories with the children.

Likewise, they'll put something out there and see what they can do with these species factors.

Educator: "There are so many things you want to do - and the day just goes by".

Artist: "Adventure and acting can also be spontaneous - it doesn't have to be planned."

Pedagogical Leader: "I hope that this is something that can be further developed. That you let go and follow the children."

The most important learning is:

- That the adult sometimes shuts up - waits a bit and sees what happens.

- What breathing can do - educators will do more of this with the children and find things and create stories from it

- The artist articulates how valuable it is to refresh what play is. To follow along, be present and be present.

- The pedagogical leader experiences that LegeKunstGødning has moved something for the staff, what it means that someone from the outside comes. Wants the staff to share it with those who did not participate in the project.

The PlayArtFertilizer process in Sennels was completed in mid-January 2023 - therefore no "OUT" interview has been conducted. The institution is still working on their own part of the project.