Region: North
Municipality: Sæby
By: Sæby
Year: 2020
Artist: Lina Franke Hedegaard
Day care: Sættravej Children's Home

It has been an exciting process to be a part of. It has been two very different processes in nursery and kindergarten.

The nursery has focused on the child/adult relationship. The children have seen each other, there has been peace and space for contemplation. The adults have been more conscious of stepping back and letting the children's own play develop. One of the benefits has been to stay in the moment and work on following the child's lead. The children have been introduced to some materials they didn't know before and have used it in different ways than we thought.

Parents have been able to see it on display in our glass case, and have had many good conversations with their children about it.

This is something we need to work on.

Kindergarten has focused on the development of the process. It has been very interesting to follow it from the sidelines. It has been a progression where the children have had a lot of ideas that have been followed up. There have been frameworks and materials provided which have been used in many different ways that none of the adults had thought of.

This has resulted in both physical products, which have not been the goal, and songs that the children themselves have composed. Since then, the space has been used extensively and thought has been given to it. The fact that the adults have tested aspects of themselves that they have become aware of being able to use in the future is a great benefit.

It has certainly been a learning process for all, creating an awareness of the way to involve the children.

Lene Winther Dahl
Head of Department