MUNICIPALITY: Faaborg-Midtfyn
DAILY OFFER: Ringgårdens Børnehus

Snippet story: Ringgårdens Børnehus (2022)

How has it gone in relation to. our overall wondering?

We experience and have achieved an awareness that in order to get the best coherence in everyday life from a child's perspective and recognizability in the transitions, the content of the framework must be so interesting that the children are curious about it and at the same time, there must be room for the child's tracks to be followed.

We have found that using differentiated voice, pulse and tools creates a natural alternation between low and high arousal.

We now see that children are mastering transitions between physical movement and calmness.

The importance of the child feeling seen and heard contributes to the child feeling part of the community.

We experience children singing our songs unsolicited, children saying unsolicited: No, sorry ..... We have experienced that all children are participating, and at the same time it is our experience that the children have gained a greater understanding of the diversity in the house. Basically, we experience flow that adds something positive to our everyday life. We believe that learning in flow in the present moment provides experience and education for the rest of life.

That's why WE will fight to keep future citizens curious by ensuring that they are exposed to a variety of experiences and expressions while they are children.

We will continue to be curious and work to ensure that the above is implemented in our everyday life so that it becomes our practice.

We are all part of a community, therefore "I" am happy to postpone my needs.

We are seeing an effect of our participation in PlayArt in, among other things, our collections.