Play, co-creation, visual arts, sculpture, outdoor life

DAY OFFER: Norddalsparken

Period: March-June 2022

Chair: Irene Bredal

Artist: Shorena Laue

Type of art: Visual arts

Kick-off meeting: Feb 2022


We have experienced a process of co-creation between artist and pedagogical staff that was challenged in the first times of the action learning courses.

The artist had not previously worked with children in the age group 1.9 years - 2.9 years and we experienced a bit of a "culture clash" between an artist's working methods and a nursery's "dependence" on following the everyday routines and the normal daily rhythm of the nursery.

During the action-learning sessions, artists and educational staff together created a common third, which was instructive for both parties.

The children's perspectives have been taken into account and their interests and curiosity have been followed. The children have become much more curious and open to sensing with unknown materials. Likewise, we experience that methods from LegeKunst are passed on through their play e.g. making impressions with a sand mold instead of filling it with sand. They play with brushes and water in the playground. This gives rise to the fact that we will be aware of thinking creative elements into a future new playground in connection with new construction

Children have found playmates across the 3 permanent groups in the nursery because they have participated in PlayArt together. We have also experienced that the children are observant of each other.

Similarly, the pedagogical staff have developed closer relationships with children in the other groups due to the action learning programs.

Reflection right after the action has been very rewarding, it has been prioritized that it was done every time.

It is also a good process to plan a course several weeks ahead.

The artist has learned a lot from the target group (kindergarten children) e.g. to understand their mindset.

Likewise, the pedagogical staff have become curious about how much more sensory activities can be initiated with this group of children.

The children are very creative and imaginative when they are co-creators in processes where the pedagogical staff show the way, but at the same time are very aware of giving space to the children's perspectives.

A point of attention that we will take forward:

How can we measure the impact of processes?

We must be in the moment