REGION: Central Jutland
DAILY OFFER: Mønsted Børnehus

Snow story: Mønsted Børnehus (2022)

In the children's house, there has been an expectant atmosphere when ZigZag came to visit - and the educators have captured the excitement of the children in their activities. The children are clearly playing more role-playing games, the oldest children start up their own games with adventures inside and outside, they have a great preoccupation with it - alone and together with the educators.

The educators' preoccupation with props provides another opportunity to take on different roles in play with the children. Also, the level of excitement around play has an impact on children's engagement, concentration and persistence in play. The children's initiatives and perspectives are followed up by the educators, so the children can feel that there is an expectation that they actively contribute to and develop the play and stories.

The children and educators' process in the program takes place in a learning environment with a playful approach and with peace for contemplation, which provides a greater opportunity for all children to participate and enjoy the community.

The working method of setting goals, analyzing and adjusting practices is a familiar method in the children's house.

We remain curious to develop ourselves by trying out different roles and participation in children's play. We are curious about the impact of verbal/non-verbal communication on children's participation (providing excitement and curiosity to the children).

We are particularly concerned that Play Art has contributed to us being more aware of the children's initiatives and perspectives on what we do together.

The art of play has greatly increased the focus on the children's perspectives and the co-narrator - a point of work that we have had our eye on for a longer period of time, now it came into focus and we have succeeded well with it.