REGION: Central Jutland
DAILY OFFER: Løgstrup Børnehus

Snow story: Løgstrup Børnehus (2022)


We dream of children and adults more spontaneously initiating musical "courses".

We want to have musical activities in new ways - both indoors and outdoors, with the materials that are available.

We hope to challenge the adults' courage to be musical.


Music with the body as an instrument/tool.

The collaboration with the artist in PlayArt. We walk behind the artist to be able to walk in front and next to them.

We explore and try out different ways of making instruments - among other things. Music-wall.

That on Fridays after the course, the class of 2018 shows 2019 what we have learned/made.

More spontaneous musical activities both inside and outside group time - indoors and out.

What did we learn?

Working with spontaneity has been a positive disruption in practice. The educators have rested a lot in having a plan, and allowing themselves to be disturbed by following the children's preoccupation and initiatives to a greater extent has provided new perspectives.

Educators have more courage to seize the impulsive.

The artist has challenged us to reflect on whether our structure in some contexts limits creativity and impulsiveness. And whether it affects the children's ability to take initiative in the activities.

We have learned that aesthetic and artistic learning processes are challenged in a pedagogical practice where the structure is sometimes challenged by the absence of staff, which means that we have to structurally "re-saddle".

The process with the artist has left its mark on both children and adults. We see spontaneous musical activities occurring in everyday life both indoors and outdoors. There are songs and games that live on in the children's play and activities with each other.

In the future, we will focus on whether singing and music can play a greater role in framing our "transitions and shifts" in our everyday structure. For example, the wardrobe situation, clean-up and transition to activity in groups?