REGION: Middle
DAILY OFFER: Nature group of the Lakes

Snout story: The Larkspur Nature Group (2022)

Excerpt from SNIP:

"We wanted to be particularly curious about how we could use the song, focus words and movements to become clearer about what we wanted to develop in the individual children and the group environment.

Dea caught all our balls and before long she was ready for us to start with the animals in the forest.

It became concrete, which was great for the kids.

At the same time, we had to hunt for the sounds in the forest to support the new children in the group's familiarity with the place/forest where we were based.

The wish was that through music, we could play the words into the body of the children and through this we would also be curious about the educational perspective, that they should learn and experience through their senses and through the community. "

We had high expectations for our collaboration with Dea after the artist workshop and the LegeKunst actions confirmed that she was the right artist for us.

We gained many new musical experiences and craftsmanship through the actions to start using music as a pedagogical tool to support the children's language development.

We were confirmed that through music, all the senses are in play, and we found that we were stimulating the individual child in a "finer" way, where the aesthetic process and play take center stage.

In other words, the children were learning without even realizing the pedagogical agenda! So the conclusion for us was that by using music and the playful approach as an aesthetic process, we developed the children both linguistically and relationally - it was just super cool! Of course, we knew this because of our pedagogical professionalism, but it just got a qualitative shot in the right direction when you get to work with an artist!

Many of the actions were in our forest, and it was great to experience how attentive Dea was to the children and the musical activities. She was able to seize the moment!

It was here, through the reflections after the actions, that we learned a lot from her (trying to explain): "Even though we usually sing a song in a certain way, it can be sung in a different way if it suits this day better" we were once again confirmed that chaos is often difficult, but if you dare, that's where the finest learning often takes place.

We were also lucky enough to be invited to the music school, it was a very special experience for the children but also for us adults, we were very excited. Dea had a super structure for joint activities with many different instruments, each of which made an impact on the children, all children in the world should be allowed to have such an experience.

The children were in small groups of about three, playing an instrument with Dea, they were so proud when they returned to the rest of us, who had been allowed to borrow the large concert hall and some rhythmic tools and some REB!

Imagine how the small ropes gave rise to many different games among the children, both among the children and with us adults, it was really an AHA experience to experience our group in a completely different environment and that such simple ropes could be the starting point for so much spontaneous play.

In our actions in the forest, Dea also gave us some great experiences through music, singing her own songs for the children while playing the most amazing African drum (a real forest drum/ all-weather drum) which we bought for our own nature group!

It was truly an experience and learning experience for us adults to see the children's excitement listening to Dea's singing and drumming, and the way the kids started to taste all the new words, all while just sitting in our shed and enjoying their packed lunches!

It was one of those experiences "where the moment came to sing", after such experiences/actions, our reflections became clear that this is something we want to use in our group, that the children should simply experience that we are singing a song for them.

This is what is so enriching about a project like LEGEKUNST, that we get the opportunity to get an artist out and we learn a lot through the actions together with the children! Everyone, young and old, and we get the opportunity to create many ripples, so that these moments become more and more.

A greeting and snoopy tale from the Lark's Nest Nature Group!

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