REGION: Southern Denmark
DAILY OFFER: Karla Green Nursery

Snood story: Karla Green Daycare (2021)

About the project in brief

The song theme has been a 3-month process. It has been very rewarding to alternate between music days with the artist and practicing and gaining experience in the time in between. 3 months gives time for many repetitions, immersion and experiments.

What have we achieved?

It has been rewarding to film the sessions with the artist. It has provided an opportunity to evaluate and reflect. We have looked at the adults as actors, the children's participation, development and expression.

Adults and children have enjoyed reliving the days with the artist as we watched the short movies. We have had the opportunity to listen to the songs over and over again. We have learned that music is not a discipline but an activity for many - built on community and joy.

Children and adults have become more familiar with using music in everyday life. There is great joy, motivation, security and development among the children when we have music days with the artist. The children participate actively and pay close attention for a long time when we have music. The adults have acquired new skills, new songs and musical activities. Children and adults make good and spontaneous use of songs and activities in everyday life. Wherever an opportunity arises in routine situations, music is used, e.g. when cleaning up the playground or washing hands.

Music is used as an activity in the outdoor space. The children spontaneously sing songs themselves and have expanded their song repertoire and vocabulary. In initiated activities, the children now sing along, they actively participate on drums and rattle eggs. They contribute ideas for activities when we have music.