REGION: Southern Denmark
DAILY OFFER: Karla Green Kindergarten

Snood Story: Karla Green Kindergarten (2021)

In connection with our first play art project for our kindergarten, we worked with rhythm and singing together with the kindergarten. We were very pleased with what came out of working pedagogically with music. Now we are curious to see if what we have learned can have the same effect with older children and what it takes. As in the first nursery course, we will try out different ways of playing with rhythm and singing.

This includes ways to constantly take what the children say and make it part of a song or rhythm. As well as making space for children who sometimes struggle in social situations.

So it's a lot about insight into ways to work pedagogically with music, including small practical activities that can easily be transformed into what the children find fun in the situation.

- How have you experienced the co-creation between artist/cultural educator/cultural school teacher, educators and children and possibly researcher?

Very interesting and educational. This was our second course, so we knew the form, subject and artist - and were also better equipped to participate in such courses.

- How have children's perspectives been expressed/included?

We have worked a lot with music and singing games, which are based on familiar games that can be quickly adapted and changed while playing with the children. So after introducing these games, it has been an important part of the testing to keep the games open and test them with ongoing ideas from the children.

- Do children play different games and with different people than usual?

We can't see that yet.

- How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

Music and rhythm were not previously a big part of what we did. Now it's more important.

- What has it been like to work with action learning?

Confusing at times. But also educational. It helps us become more comfortable with improvising and not planning too much.

- To the artist/cultural mediator/cultural school teacher, if present: What have you gained from participating in PlayArt?

For the artist, it has been a great way to pass on her knowledge to educators who are not used to working with music.

- What are the pedagogical staff still/now curious about?

We are interested in how we can use music in more and more of the regular activities.

- How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the further process?

Initially, it's about incorporating it into more activities that aren't necessarily music-related.

- What points for attention should we take forward?

That we remember to use music when it's really about something else.