REGION: Southern Denmark
DAILY OFFER: Karla Green Kindergarten

Snood Story: Karla Green Kindergarten (2021)

About the project in brief

The goal of the project was to work with visual art and through it, find different ways to involve the children in a joint project, as well as give the educators some tools to further develop their pedagogical work with visual art.

The starting point was the decoration of 5 large plates, as well as potato printing and decorating a long frieze on an outdoor wall.

The subject of the visual art work was fairy tales.

How has it gone in relation to the overall wonder?

It has generally gone well, but has (predictably) also presented challenges and plan changes along the way.

We think we have found ways to work with visual arts that can strengthen our community and let the children have a voice in large joint projects.

We've also built up a certain adaptability in terms of being able to change course when the kids want to go somewhere else or what we thought was a good idea wasn't a good idea after all.

Due to major practical challenges, we were a little too optimistic about how many children you could have at one time, so we ended up quickly dividing the children into 2 courses instead. However, the courses were still the same and maybe with more routine we can have more children at a time again.

In this context, we have gained a good sense of what is required in practical terms when it comes to visual arts. This includes materials, time for preparation, what clothes the children need to wear and how long they can concentrate before something new happens.

What's next? What are we still curious about?

It must be integrated into our pedagogical everyday life so that we can continuously create small and large visual art projects. We will also explore how visual art can be mixed with other forms of artistic expression. For example, music, which we will initially continue to work with.