REGION: Sjælland
DAILY OFFER: Toksværd - SFO at Holmegaardskolen

Short story: Toksværd - SFO at Holmegaardskolen (2022)

Three mixed groups of children would become one.

This is the story of our development and co-creation of the travel game.

We started at Rønnebæksholm with an excursion for all preschoolers and adults. Here we created together a universe and a space with room for play above the frame "Who's stepping on my bridge? "

Children and adults created folding figures where everyone had a stake in each product, both in the creative process and the dramatization of the folding figures' lives, magical abilities and quirks. Back at preschool, we had to further develop the play, adventure and atmosphere of the 'We build the game´ here the folding figures came into play again. We turned them into game pieces with the help of sticks and plaster. We created the "Travel Game".

As a staff group, we were keen to bring play and imagination into relationship creation and building a community of children based on their interests and development potential. At our visit to Rønnebæksholm, it quickly became clear that it was fantasy, stories and creativity that captured the children. The children were curious and immersed themselves in the universe that Malene created. Both children and adults were brave together, we got carried away in the fantasy animals world through play and body movement. We became living fantasy animals that dynamically evolved as we with the children's contribution of imaginative thoughts and ideas. We were truly together and present in the moment, we let We got carried away with the journey and were curious to see where it could take us.

In the children's group, there was a shared recognition and joy of reunion from previous courses in the kindergartens. The children remembered the place and Malene. New relationships emerged across their shared third. We found that the children suddenly saw new strengths and values in each other. We had a whole successful excursion and the joy of reunion was great.

It all came back to life when Malene joined our preschool and we had to build and create together. Malene and the game pieces created opportunities and frameworks for the creative process that lay ahead our feet.

Several of the children remembered Rønnebæksholm and Malene from kindergarten and had memories of the project. The children used it as their common third. They were now in a community with shared experiences and memories that they would further develop as a group of children.

The kids were in and out at their own pace. They developed in their own unique ways and everyone contributed something different. Among other things, we saw that the quiet boy got the courage to storytelling and creating magical abilities in the game pieces. The children responded positively with their amazing adventurous mindset that created an interplay in storytelling, using each other's ideas.

Both children and adults took turns leading the way, acting as catalysts for new ideas where everything was

allowed. Great tools were created that were multifunctional, "see it's a musical instrument - and now it's it a binocular and it can also become a travel portal". the game pieces got superpowers, and because more children had been involved in the creation of the same piece, they were all part of the ideation of each single board function and superpowers. The creation of the game evolved into a journey "a child remembers from the kindergarten that there had been something about a suitcase" he asks in plenary, "shall we don't call the game the -travel game". A great support and sense of purpose at child height spread among the children. Where was the journey going? There was black tape stuck to the floor, chairs and wall, creating a enchanted pattern throughout the room. There were colored sticker circles that everyone got a special feature, ability or challenge in the journey game. To get on the journey, we had to create magic together. We had to create a way into the room where the game was alive. Several children came with Suggestions. "let us in" "knock, knock, knock" but nothing helped, we couldn't get in. Suddenly, the it from one of the quieter and more observant children "one, two, three" And the door opened. The child glowed like a star in the night sky, with pride and joy that he was able to get the door open and The game could begin for him and all his friends.

The game pieces are still alive, we hope that children can enjoy the adventure, fun and learning around the creation of the travel game when they start in grade 0. Letting go and being a co-creator child height was a liberation and a tool that we as staff found the children really appreciated. benefit and enjoy. We could laugh together while creating and learning a lot from and around each other. The project and the desire to bring three groups of children into one became a reality in many ways.