REGION: Central Jutland
DAILY OFFER: Dalens Børnehuse

Short story: Dalens Børnehuse (2022)

During the course of the program, the educators have worked with experimentation in visual arts and kept the process in mind in relation to the children's curiosity, following their initiatives and testing new methods and materials.

We have found that in order to capture the children's attention at the age of 2.5 - 3 years, it is also relevant in the creative process to work sensually, and in situations where it is possible to do so, also create a story in the process, so that the creative process becomes a game of imagination and story and possibly bringing it to life. The children have been empathetic and remember these stories, where repetition and the experience create a commonality.

Our experience in the project is also that it has been good for the group that the children are of the same age. We divided our group into two groups and one group has been able to communicate and see each other. At the same time, it has been some good hours when the children have made joint drawings, where they each had to give their contribution without waiting for their turn and thus immerse themselves at their own level.

The work going forward is still practicing the experimental workshop - thinking process over product. We've gained an insight into the framework in which this can be realized, and we want to expand and make this even more our own.