Region: Central Jutland
Municipality: Ikast-Brande
Year: 2019/20
Collaboration partners: Limfjordsteatret
Day care:

We are interested in the long story of education that is passed on from generation to generation and how it can be present for the children in day care.

Daycare workers are motivated to get started. They are excited and looking forward to using their creativity and involving the children in exploring adventures. What's tickling your fancy? What is exciting? The wolf, the witch, the three bears and the three buzzards - might bring out the squeals in the children. The day-care workers are curious to know what the children find exciting and engaging in the traditional fairy tales.

In the first programme, 10 daycare workers each worked on their own story, inspired by the Limfjord Theatre.

One of the day-care workers drew on her own story of formation. She chose Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears, a book she had read to her by her grandparents. Based on the book, she created a universe with the children where the story was, sensed, told and played through again and again.

The girl in the picture is busy playing the story of Golden Hair. She has been told it and knows it and is inspired by the things on the table. The other children are busy touching and feeling the props from the story.

The childminders were particularly keen to get the children to feel the story, so that children who do not yet have a spoken language can also take part in the experience. For example, one worked with large and small eggs in her work on "The Ugly Duckling", another collected leaves and pine cones in the forest in her work on sensing the story of "Red Riding Hood".

It was challenging to spot what in the story spoke to the senses, because as adults we are used to telling stories from a to b. Here it was important that the actors had both provided inspiration and were supportive and guiding in the process. The day teachers found support in the concept of the "straw perspective": zoom in on the story with a straw and focus on the part of the story you want to tell.

The participating daycare workers shared their experiences with all their colleagues at a staff meeting in spring 2020. This was intended as a starting point for the rest of the daycare to get started.

A few days after the staff meeting, one of the other daycare workers had started.

Play Art Supervisor
Lene Bundgaard Chang

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