REGION: Central Jutland
DAILY OFFER: Daycare in Løvel

Short story: Daycare in Løvel (2022)

The LegeKunst program has been very inspiring and educational. The courses with artist Anne Mette have provided new, very specific songs/activities, which through Anne Mette's process (singing the songs together and then filming Anne Mette singing with the children so that both melody and gestures can be seen + handing out printed texts) have been possible to make useful in their own practice. The courses have also provided inspiration for new ways of using song and music.

- The link between story/play and songs. Music is naturally included in everything.

- In the outdoor space. Play on what's outside (trees, playground equipment, iron pipes...)

The process has delivered:

- A generally practiced focus on singing and music. It is naturally incorporated into more contexts. More courage to take the plunge without knowing all the lyrics. Sing about what you experience and just make something up yourself.

- New approach to working with the individual child and their social relationships.

- Increased attention to children's perspectives - singing a song if the children want it. The children are allowed to walk to and from the activities, which creates a positive atmosphere and it turns out that they always come back again.

- A boost for working with "Culture, aesthetics and community" and using this as a framework for working with "All-round personal development" and "Social development"

The children have embraced the new songs and activities. They start singing the songs themselves and request the music/activities. Several children have progressed linguistically.

The children have become very good at waiting their turn and passing on the props so that everyone gets to try. Great attention to each other - including through the name songs.

It has been a pleasure to work with PlayArt. Both adults and children have been very engaged in the process and have shown great enthusiasm. The action learning has meant that it has become tangible and practical. This means that the process of incorporating more singing and music as a natural part of practice is already well underway.

PlayArt in daycare has been incorporated both in the context of the individual daycare provider's home and in the shared playroom once a week in the hall. Inspiration from artist Anne Mette has been provided in both contexts, but the action learning has taken place in the playroom. This has been a good forum for working together on the implementation of PlayArt. Most of the children in daycare right now are between 1.7 and 3 years old. Over the next half year, many will move to kindergarten and new young children will arrive. We are now curious to see how PlayArt finds its place in the homes of individual daycare providers and how PlayArt can be practiced with the younger group of children.