MUNICIPALITY: Frederikshavn
DAILY OFFER: Daycare, daycare area south

Snippet: Daycare, daycare area south (2023)


In relation to the goal of what the children are interested in, the childminders have managed to create a space for children of different ages to be inspired in.

Experiencing a positive development, even for the more sensitive children, the childminders were able to follow the children's reactions and their regular format with a predictable start and end set a good framework, and this repetition made even the cautious ones become more active.

The changing in the middle with great sensuality and practicing dialog without words was at play in both groups.

We have seen a great development in some of the children from not wanting/being able to participate to being curious.

From the more fixed story where Goldilocks and the bears' beds were important to the children. The childminders have managed to create a space with a lot of sensuality and not a fixed narrative. This was most challenging for the oldest children who wanted more language, where the daycares' perseverance in creating a magical sensory universe was experienced as Lars (the artist) said "an equal common third when we are silent".

The 2 groups had different themes, and in addition to props, they used matching music, the suitcase started out as the central point, this was replaced by beach shells, water, sand, worm crabs and plastic bags as water, and parachute with animals as a theme where straw, grain, pine cones provided experiences, movement and sensations.

One group was challenged by a very wide range of ages, the almost 3 year olds needed to be active where they were challenged not to use language, while the little ones were engaged with the senses, both from fast with, to engaged from a distance, and more active later with singing and rhythm and music. When the parachute came into play, it brought them all together.

The second group had an experience of curiosity, sensing. Everyone wanted to feel, smell and here they carried out without verbal language.

What did it give the children that the language was not there, we experienced something happening with body language, an example at lunch; a girl sat and raised her eyebrows, this was contagious, so all children and adults sat and used eyebrows and the laughter around the table was contagious.

At the kick off, the daycares had the experience of building on a story, they managed to act on their intuition and jumped in to try it out, even when their support Lars didn't show up once, they jumped in.

They have all tested their own boundaries, especially with setting free and not using verbal language, they found it challenging to use sounds ... but they jumped into it with lots of courage, as Lars said that what they had made was world-class.

They were able to create a framework and set a good atmosphere, be curious together with the children, everyone agreed it had been educational and they would continue to work with this.

An important learning is being - play - imagination and doing it together, an experience for both the children's community and the adult community and not least the community between children and adults.

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