Region: South
Municipality: Fredericia
Year: 2020
Benedikte Andersen & Natasja Dini
Day care: Korskærparken Day Care Centre

Head of day care Susanne Ørum:
"Music in kindergarten" with a small group of children. A KRAP process model is used as a common agreement around the process.
There have been two different artists, Benedicte and then Natasha who replaced. Natasha helped us find the path to art that worked best for our children. Now it's moving! The children are developing more courage and dare to be forward. More shy children who can now take over, which is fantastic. Some are language poor, but with body language they show they want to participate. This is integrated more in the house, where there is a Friday gathering, for example. Sometimes there have been new children - so they got a bit extra. Thought is given to how the other staff groups join in. The children were not ready for a song box at first, but they are now. Especially when Andrea, scarves and rattle eggs come out, there are magical moments. The children come up with their own games to play with the scarves: butterflies, a bride, superman, etc. They think it's funny when Andrea bites their fingers. The games also take a different turn at the children's initiative. For example, the earth is poisonous or the hulla hop game.

Great tools from Natasha: for example, many repetitions. It is a gift and the educators are excited to share it with their colleagues. Children take it into other situations and express themselves more verbally. It is positive to see that it is moving. The adults dare to be good role models. And when they are actively involved, the children follow. The idea was first to fulfil the curriculum theme of culture and aesthetics. But we've got through almost all the curriculum themes. It's great that we can get so much done in one activity. The educators will continue with some new children until the summer holidays. They will also do an inspiration session for a staff meeting. We would like to have it integrated throughout the house. It would also be good to visit other institutions with it.

Helle was a participant observer. There were many fine reflections of each session. Many magical moments, so it's wildly interesting. Things can do something and suitcases can do a lot. The scarves, Andrea - the things that have stories attached to them. It creates context. Also with the rhythms. All of this has developed enormously in the Korskærpark. From some children who wanted almost nothing, to some children who now want everything. The educators have been good at grasping Natasja's things - she puts body on it. It also takes courage when the body expresses itself - then they express themselves more verbally too. Great importance with repetition and small variations in between, to follow the children's tracks. And when the adults dare, the children follow.

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