REGION: Syddanmark

Short story: Bullerbo (2020)

About the project in brief

In connection with a new construction on the neighboring property, Bullerbo has given up a large part of the old playground, and the remaining part of the playground is now visible.

What can be done about it? Can a completely new version of the playground be created with different play zones that invite children to play and be inspired to come up with their own ideas?

Can development happen in collaboration with children, and can educators strengthen their ability to develop while involving children in this?

The process was run as an idea generation series, where different ideas were tried out with the children and 3 different artists.

It was all built around a story about Cousin Mikkel and his junkyard. Cousin Mikkel was supposed to meet the children every time to do something with them. However, he kept canceling and then it was up to the children to figure out what we could do with the things Cousin Mikkel had sent in advance.

This led to a lot of playing with scrap and music, including building a music wall.

How has it gone in relation to the overall wonder?

It has been exciting to be part of the project, it has given us some ideas on how we can do something about our playground, and it has strengthened our ability to do these kinds of processes in collaboration with children.

And not least, it has opened up a topic that was not the main focus of the project, namely working pedagogically with music. In the sense that it was part of the project, but was only one of many ideas we wanted to try.

This might actually be a good thing, because it means that we not only developed something in relation to our playground, but also opened up another area where the arts can do something for us. Here we think of the possibilities in music.

What's next? What are we still curious about?

Overall, it has been exciting to try out, and at some point we will have to do something about our playground. Among other things, based on the ideas we have developed in the course. This has not yet been planned more precisely.

But what happened was that we became very excited about working with music with our children.

So we really want to dive into this and in this context we have been allowed to run several Play Art courses with a special focus on music, together with Connie Pilegaard.

We want to extend this to the entire daycare center, and we are therefore running two new classes.