REGION: Southern Denmark

Short story: Bullerbo (2021)

About the project in brief

In connection with our play art project to develop ideas for our playground, we became excited about the possibilities of working pedagogically with music. Both in relation to the music wall we built for our playground and in relation to music activities in the living room.

Our wondering on this part of the project was how music could manage the community in a group of children and at the same time make room for children who may struggle with it.

So as part of that, we got artistic input on how to do it, both with the music wall and in the living room. Then we tried out the ideas ourselves.

How has it gone in relation to the overall wonder?

There is still a lot we can work on in relation to our wondering. For example, adapting the ideas that our artist has introduced us to. Including how to get them under our skin and into our routine.

However, we have been delighted to note that working pedagogically with music is already proving to have a positive effect on some of the children we hoped to support. There have been signs that they can more easily participate in the musical activities, and using some of the singing games we have learned can very quickly change the mood in a room.

What's next? What are we still curious about?

We need to investigate the area further and implement it in other rooms. Therefore, in the fall (2021) we will run another LegeKunst course together with Connie Pilegaard. The course is currently being planned and is expected to consist of similar activities, but also an introduction to new possibilities. This will allow us to further expand our music education tools, but at the same time also adapt them to the group of children involved in the upcoming course.