REGION: Southern Denmark
DAILY OFFER: Børnehuset ved Banen

Snippet story: Børnehuset ved Banen (2022)

- How have you experienced the co-creation between artist/cultural educator/cultural school teacher, educators and children and possibly researcher?

It has been a very exciting process, but also confusing. Among other things, because we chose to mix children and educators from four different rooms. This does not make it easy to find a common denominator, but the follow-up meetings after each workshop have been useful in this regard.

- How have children's perspectives been expressed/included?

The children's involvement has been expressed by increasingly letting the children interact on their own with the things and objects we brought along the way. In the beginning, it was all about introducing the children to the form and way of investigation.

Eventually, we moved to a playground outside and changed playgrounds along the way. Both to test how it works outside as opposed to inside and to see what it meant for the children's engagement when we tried it in new surroundings.

- Do children play different games and with different people than usual?

It's still too early to tell, but there seems to be a growing curiosity to do different things on the playground than they used to.

- How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

It's still a bit too early to judge. But it has left its mark on our thoughts on how we can organize new activities.

- What has it been like to work with action learning?

It has been exciting and also challenging. Our children are not that old, so it's important to have a safe and stable environment. We have also chosen to mix children from four different rooms, which can easily present some challenges. But it's definitely exciting.

- To the artist/cultural mediator/cultural school teacher, if present: What have you gained from participating in PlayArt?

It has provided a lot. Both in terms of knowledge about the age group and what it takes to bring together children and educators from several groups at once. It has also helped open up a whole new field in terms of creative play with space, storytelling, music and light.

- What are the pedagogical staff still/now curious about?

We are still curious about play, art and storytelling, but also about how we can organize development processes across rooms and departments in the future.

- How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the further process?

We haven't gotten that far yet, but the music and rhythm part was particularly interesting. So maybe that's what we should look at.

- What points for attention should we take forward?

How do we maintain an overview of such processes and ensure that cross-functional collaboration works well?