REGION: Central Jutland
DAILY OFFER: Børnehuset Trekløveren

Snout story: Børnehuset Trekløveren (2021)

In terms of our snip narrative, a lot has changed along the way.

We had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve with the play art program. We have 2 houses, the oldest children from both houses are going to the same school this summer. Our goal was to create a community through music and to create/strengthen relationships between the children. We wanted to achieve joy and laughter through music, movement and actively being co-creators in music.

We started off well and stuck to the planned course for the first 2 sessions with our play artist Annemette.

Then, like everyone else, we were challenged by corona restrictions that meant we could no longer mix the children between the houses. We had two options: one was to cancel the project, the other was to change tack and create a new goal. For us, it was clearly most important that we could keep this program running, so changing the goal became secondary. The goal was joy and new skills in music and that adults and children continued to be presented with and continue to co-create music, joyful play and laughter - and through this to want to create more music in everyday life.

Annemette has been a fantastic playmaker who took on the new task.

The last few times she took turns in our houses. Each time it was different children and different adults, as there were constant absences due to Corona. In one house it was for the 3-6 year olds and in the other house we maintained that it was for the 5-6 year olds.

Due to the large change in who was present, the children and staff did not get the same benefit as if it had been a course of 8 times, but they have been allowed to get a taste of it. On the other hand, many more children and staff have gotten a taste of it - and it has had a greater effect throughout the house, and more people have embraced the music.

We ended with Annemette delivering a great workshop for the entire staff group.

We see that even those who have 0-2 year olds have gotten ideas and courage to try other methods of music with children.

We find that everyone has realized that with something as simple as a masonry bucket and a few wooden sticks, you can make music whether you're 1 or 6 years old.

Through such a course and a workshop, the individual staff member is encouraged to work with music, even though they may never have considered themselves "good" at music.

The joy and community that comes with being together in music has been recognized.

A few staff members have been encouraged to take up the guitar and some have improved their guitar skills.

The focus has shifted to singing in the canon.

The focus has shifted to the fact that music can also occur in nature.

There is now a focus on action learning. It gives a completely different ownership, understanding and courage to learn new things when you are allowed to "play along". As management, we have taken Annemette's workshop with us, and in the future we will use action learning in the staff group at staff meetings. For example, if there is something that can do something special with music, theater, children's yoga or something else, then instead of theoretical presentations, we will let the staff learn from their colleagues through action learning. Those we have held in our hands and what we have tried on our own bodies are easier to pass on, and we "dare" to challenge our own abilities.

The children's perspectives have been included throughout the process. They have had a say in the choice of instruments, songs, movement games and if there are children on the playground who have wanted to drum, for example, the drums have been moved to the playground.

We are still curious about how we can maintain this "fire" so that in 6 months we can see that music has become a bigger part of everyday life

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