Region: Hovedstaden
Municipality: Elsinore
By: Elsinore
Year: 2020
Artist: Serine Sinding Yde
Day care:
Søbæk Children's Home

When we started our PlayArt project, it was with a sense of wonder that some children found it difficult to engage in games and activities for long periods of time, and that they were not using their imagination to develop the games. We also found that the older children mirrored each other and did not always show their own expression.

We wanted to do a co-creation project, where we could develop new practices and knowledge on how children and adults could immerse themselves together in a common third.

It was also important for us to listen to the children's own ideas without being judges of taste when we moved into unknown territory.

Our expectations were also to be challenged on the choice of materials, and to be able to use the PlayArt idea as a more integrated part of our everyday life and pedagogical offer in Søbæk Children's Home.

Fortunately, our experiences along the way have fully met our expectations:

  • We found that having a space to immerse oneself in and be able to go and come back to meant a lot to children and adults.
  • The children themselves communicated their thoughts and ideas along the way.
  • We experienced working together to create a common third with our city of towers.
  • We experienced being in FLOW several times along the way, the children infecting both us and each other with their enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Although we didn't get to play with the finished product (the towers) because of Corona, it brings out a smile when we talk about the project.
  • We are already thinking more in themes and longer term activities in daily life e.g. sound wall of water jugs/cans inspired by children, and insect hotels of cans and natural materials collected on a picnic.
  • A new way of working with education and creativity in relation to the new reinforced curriculum.

Educators Monica, Henriette, Ida and Susanne

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