Region: Hovedstaden
Municipality: Elsinore
By: Snekkersten
Year: 2020
Artist: Stine Juul
Snekkersten Children's Home

25 November 2020

Snude report

Due to Corona, we had to end our project very abruptly, which was a shame as we were at a point in the process where there was a possibility of the project becoming jointly owned. Both children and adults were by this time familiar with the way of working with the creative processes and saw many possibilities for further development.

We have learned a lot from the LegeKunst project that we can take with us in the future. For example, that play should have a more central role in the creative processes and that the children's ideas should have more influence earlier in the process. Also that materials etc can be allowed to be available throughout the day. We have also learned that it is extremely important that the focus is on the process and not the end itself, and that all parties agree on this.