DAILY OFFER: Børnehuset Kingo

Snow story: Børnehuset Kingo (2022)

(Roll 2)

1. How have you experienced the co-creation between artists, educators and children?

The LegeKunst project has exceeded all expectations. We feel that we have been part of the process from day one. We also feel that the children have. We feel ownership of the process because Signe has included our perspectives.

2. How have the children's perspectives been expressed/included?

In various singing games and activities. The children have been involved and participated in all singing games. If the children have been restless and lost perspective, we have switched activities. Signe is good at seeing the individual children, and this has made the children more comfortable with the community.

3. Do children play different games and with different people than usual?

The children have become more comfortable with each other. They are aware of each other and which children are from the same year group across the rooms.

4. How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

We have gotten to know the children better across the rooms, and the children play more across the house. We have opened up more, and the children are allowed to go to the different rooms more. The children have better relationships with all adults and can go to other adults than those in the room.

5. What has it been like working with action learning?

We've made small changes for the kids after each evaluation and it's worked really well.

6. What are the pedagogical staff still/now curious about?

We are curious about what the PlayArt project can do in terms of bridge-building when it is spread throughout the house, from the small rooms to the big rooms.

7. How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the future?

We want to spread this project to the whole house and take out the activities that we can use. For example, what suits the different age groups, etc.