DAILY OFFER: Børnehuset Kingo

Snow story: Børnehuset Kingo

When Børnehuset Kingo started, it was with this SNIP wonder:

Can music bridge the gap between different groups and cultures and can you play with music.

Participants in PlayArt have been the children (32 children) who will be joining the preschool group in August. This group of children is divided into groups in wings of the house, and they therefore do not know each other as well as the regular adults who participated, as well as the musician Signe Højmark, who was associated with our PlayArt program.

The co-creation with Signe Højmark has been very positive and inspiring throughout the process. From day one, we have felt part of the process and so have the children. The collaboration has been characterized by curiosity about our SNIP wonderings, a joy of music, singing and movement and the desire to support the children's development, learning and well-being. We feel ownership of LegeKunst because Signe Højmark has been very responsive to our perspectives. Signe Højmark has been great at starting it all up with her ideas and input, as well as getting us on board as an active player.

Signe Højmark has created a folder on Teams with various songs that we will use in the PlayArt course.

Music has previously been a minor part of our pedagogical practice, and it has been at certain times, e.g. for Sistema. for Sistema, and we have sung and danced and used music from the system both inside and outside.

We have to open up more after corona in the institution, and the children have to walk more in the different rooms. We have tried to be curious about making PlayArt in different places in the institution, e.g. by the fire pit or rocking animals with sticks and dishwashing brushes.

We have gotten to know the children better across the rooms, and they also play more across the rooms - they have become more comfortable with each other. They have started to feel a sense of community - and we, they are aware of which children are from the same year group across the rooms, and it will be exciting to build on this when they move to a room together after the summer vacation.

We find that the children have better relationships with all adults and can go to other adults than those in the room. The PlayArt program helps form new relationships for the children, and we find that they are curious and experiment together on their unique musical journey.

We have been curious to give the children opportunities to encounter art, culture and aesthetic processes in all kinds of forms of expression, and the children have encountered this both inside and outside, in movement and stillness, in fantasy stories and in physical and sensory expressions. For example. The children each have a rattle egg and sing about a place on the child where the rattle egg can be hidden (under the hat, in the sleeve, etc.), and while singing about the specific place, the child makes the egg rattle by moving - this gives big smiles and laughter.

From the beginning of the program, the children have gotten to know each other with a "massage" circle, where they sat across the 2 rooms. We have tried to develop this further by having an adult tell a fantasy story about a mouse that sees the sun rising = round massage movements on each other's backs, etc. while playing a wind chime.

Action learning has worked really well in collaboration with Signe Højmark, and throughout the project, small changes have been made to accommodate the children in the most appropriate way, e.g. A boy who is a bit restless for the PlayArt course. It was adjusted that he should have a function as a helper, someone who collects rattle eggs, etc.

Throughout the entire LegeKunst process, Signe Højmark has been good at getting us to be an active participant, and when the staff had to take over more of the project, we were completely comfortable with this. It has also been great to see Signe Højmark walk with a child in her hand and step back for us - a sign of trust in us.

The children have been involved in the various singing games and activities and have participated in the community with great enthusiasm. We have been conscious of following the children's tracks, both with their input and if they have been restless and lost perspective, we have switched activities. We have experienced that Signe Højmark is good at seeing the individual children, e.g. the quiet children, and this has made the children more comfortable with the community.

We have once again been confirmed in this PlayArt program the importance of us being good role models when the children see the adult in action, and that we have created a sense of community, that we want each other.

We're still curious to see what Physician Art can do in terms of bridging the gap as it spreads throughout the house, from the small rooms to the big rooms.

We will try to spread this project to the whole house (nursery and kindergarten) and take the activities and elements that suit the different age groups, etc.

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