Region: Sjælland
Municipality: Næstved
By: Holmegaard
Year: 2021
Artist: Maria Wolder
Ellebæk Children's Home

Storytelling: Ellebæk Children's Home (2021)

We have become more aware of our own framing and control by the adult, in the unproven. It became clear to staff through the process that they were often signalling (unknowingly), a frame that could create one direction.

The educator says that she suddenly came into contact with an experience of having to be aware of letting go. - See my pink giraffe, and the educator would have talked to the child before about the colour of the giraffe. Now the talk was more about what kind of giraffe it was and what it liked.

Focus on being more in the child's perspective, and mentalizing the emotion of the child, in the situation. It was evident in the painting and music processes that the children were expressing more emotion in expression than we have previously worked with.

The experience and curiosity that the staff experienced in this has been brought into the professional assessments in other situations with the children.

A little girl who is always reticent in new things, showed the same in PlayArt, however she was quicker to immerse herself, and gave emotionally much more in the processes than we usually see. Her empathy, seemed more authentic than we usually experience.

A few weeks after the last process in play art, she had to quit and go to school. The end was difficult for her and the staff chose to let her help decide where to say goodbye and sing to her, which she agreed to and was happy and a bit involved in the process. She certainly hadn't been in the past.

The adult was present in supporting and not in guiding and instructing. The girl felt the frame and dared to be in it, both in the PlayArt project and in her own completion.

To stand out, and be able to be in it, with your own empathy and way of dealing with the situation in a safe setting.

Empathy, motivation and a safe framework, without an instruction gives adults a new perspective and renewed curiosity in working with the child, both with and without art in everyday life at Children's House Ellebæk.

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