MUNICIPALITY: Frederikshavn
DAILY OFFER: Børnehuset Bangsbo, Daycare, area mid-west, group 5

Snip storytelling

Daycare area Mid-west. Playgroup Bangsbo. Playroom: Børnehuset Bangsbo.

We are 4 childminders, Lene, Lotte, Bente and Gitte, who meet in the playroom every Tuesday.

We each have 4 children with whom we participate in Play Art.

We became interested in what the use of voices did in terms of working with the senses.

We would also like to investigate/work on how we work with grouping. How can the group of children be divided? What can the framework for the assembly be? What is the adult's role in the assembly etc.

Helle Oddershede.

Snow story: Børnehuset Bangsbo (2023)

It has been an exciting and educational process with LegeKunst.

The first four times Lars was in the driver's seat provided a lot of inspiration in terms of games/experiences with a focus on sensations and repetition.

The last four times, the childminders have worked in two teams on different themes.

One team has worked with a small "poetic universe". Where there is room for the children. Built up like a play, where the children were involved. For example, with scarves, clamps, mirrors and lipstick that "dots" children and adults on the nose and face.

Work with sensory experiences and non-verbal communication. Work with slowness and repetition, and use as few words as possible.

Moods and emotions are also worked with. We found that there is a fine line between what is exciting and engaging for the children, and what is dangerous and the children react quickly with tears.

One of the times the adults experienced something like chaos, but the children were engaged in what was happening and no one was unsafe and crying.

We found that even the very young children (10-11 months) were engaged in what was happening on the "stage" in the little play.

Routines and familiarity have been important to focus on. If the children are comfortable with the room and the things in it, they are open to the new things that happen in the room.

We have learned that we often use man-words and explanations with the children, and it has been exciting to challenge ourselves by using "nonsense words/sounds" and non-verbal communication with the children.

The daycares will continue to work with the little play. Both in very small groups and in slightly larger groups.

They will work with moods, pitch, and sensations.

They will bring new things into the story, they will take the children's impulses and play with what the children give. They don't know where they're going or what's going to happen.

They will insist that "we practice" and feed our imagination.

They will be each other's sparring partners to bring new things into the story, but also so that what the children express and show is picked up.

The daycare providers are also curious to work with: How do we accommodate the children who always "stand in front" in a natural way, so that there is also room for the children who need a little more time to digest/react to what they experience.