Region: South
Municipality: Esbjerg
By: Esbjerg
Year: 2020/21
Artist: Kathrine Smithuysen
Children's Home South - Børnebo

The process has gone very well. To start with, many children and adults had an experience of "I can't sing", which made it preferable to stay away from activities of that nature. Quite quickly in the process, both children and adults began to relax more. The artist set a good framework, nourished the process with different songs and instruments. Within the framework, a space was created where both children and adults could let go and there was a particularly strong focus on following the children's tracks. For example, during one of the actions, a child suggested that they should play that they were a lamp. Such a suggestion might have been rejected in everyday life, to point instead to something that might be more obvious in an adult world, such as a lamp. an animal. But in this situation, both children and adults followed the child's lead and played lamp.

Several of the songs from the programme have become part of the institution. They are keen to let the children be creative both physically creative but also in terms of thoughts and ideas, which is also supported by the institution's work with STEAM.