REGION: Sjælland
DAILY OFFER: Kindergarten Stokrosen

Snood story: Kindergarten Stokrosen (2022)

Snip narrative/ Point of wonder:

How can we strengthen the children's relational communities across the rooms through sound, drama and movement to achieve a more cohesive group of children rather than two separate groups?

In kindergarten Stokrosen, we have experienced that the children in the dandelion and poppy room play very much by room, it is rare that they play across the two rooms. We see this a lot after the children have been in play zones for a year due to Corona. Now that it has opened up again, and the children are allowed to play together across the rooms outside, we find that they do not really seek each other out, and therefore we will be able to establish one group instead of two through LegeKunst.

That's why we want to work with relational communities.

We would like to focus more on the relational aspects of the two living rooms so that we have a cohesive group when they join the large group on May 1, 2022. Our goal is to create a foundation for a community.

We want to incorporate sound, drama and movement. Sound and drama is not something we often use in our everyday pedagogical work, but it is something we would like to work more with in the future. For us, it is important that the focus is on the process rather than the product.

The children often choose quiet, seated activities, and with this in mind, we would like to work more on incorporating movement into the project.

How have you experienced the co-creation with the artist, educators, children and possibly the researcher? How have the children's perspectives been expressed/included?

A universe of ideas where children and adults have contributed. We saw what captured the kids.

Children sing and repeat in everyday life, and this spreads to the other children.

In the workshop, they were allowed to stay with the workshop clothes for as long as they wanted,

Other children were immersed in painting. Everyone was involved in their own way.

The child with special needs talks about his experiences at home and it's new.

Co-creation gives everyone a voice - inclusivity has been there from the start and children have participated when they wanted to.

They became very interested in sounds and employees followed along.

There were noises everywhere throughout the house.

The theme offers possibilities and magic, Children have used their imagination and are building on the stories/play.

The children have shown signs by laughing, giggling, whispering to each other, contributing and being curious, brave and participative.

They experienced being in a world between fantasy and reality.

Been preoccupied with the fact that the rat puppet isn't real, but when it speaks it becomes real

More exploratory sound play - finding sounds in nature,

Some children have stayed in the universe beyond playtime, e.g. finding a feather in the forest for the moss lady. The playfulness continues in several places.

Do the children play different games and with different people than they usually do?

Find each other more across the group

Greater sense of community - play together more after the program, but it stops after a few days.

The oldest children are together in a different organization, creating relationships between the groups in new compositions and in other organizations of the day.

How do pedagogical staff act differently than they did before PlayArt?

We got into the game in a different way and were more focused.

We also get excited and become more playful.

What has it been like to work with action learning?

We can see a development with the children - some things have become easier for most children and others have not. This has resulted in relationships being strengthened in the group of children.

Reflection time - has been a good evaluation every time and has helped us to plan well

That's what we want in future practices.

Children and we evolve and we have to change along the way.

Some initiatives take longer and we need to be able to be in the process and be able to develop and change.

It's very different to have reflection time - and we've been able to change our plans.

We want to work with this in the future - it's good to have structure in the meetings. Reflection time must be systematized.

Management believes that it is a good opportunity to evaluate the entire project with the entire employee group and discuss how to make it live on

Everyone should have a time in the week to create the best possible framework for reflection time.

To the artist, if present: What have you gained from participating in PlayArt?

It's been exciting.

Kunstner has been on several courses and has experienced great diversity in the daycare centers.

Labeled a spirit of wanting to do something different.

Here they are small house and they can be in closer relationship with the children.

Co-creation has been easy, both children and adults have been great team players.

The role of the artists is different in LegeKunst than in other programs, we are inspired to do something different. It is important that there is music and songs and rhythms, it can do something for communities - everyone can join in and create a community discipline.

Role play with my methods (from the artist's perspective)

Have experienced that children do not stand on each other's toes, e.g. when taking turns - maybe small house and they are used to being heard

Artist tunes in to what's happening, hears what the children say and uses it

Be aware if I'm too dangerous, keep them happy and work without a script

Tune into moods.

I do these kinds of projects where I come up with different artistic expressions and methods. The children should have the opportunity to experience different forms of expression.

Children have different learning styles, good that they are presented with many different materials and we create many different frameworks through music, sound, drama, visual arts.

Employees have become more courageous in using different forms of expression - there is no wrong way to express yourself.

What are educators still/now curious about?

Would like to work more with:

More music and rhythms - orchestra

Reflection time - find other times of the day.

How will you use art, culture and aesthetic processes in the future?

Will play on.

Opportunity to make up the story of the moss wife.

New materials have provided new inspiration - building on the universe - getting better at finding stories.

Knowledge sharing - at upcoming staff meetings.

Humor and chaos - New learning and new points of attention.

Experienced being in deep water and learned to take it with a smile.

Never mind we do something else and practice tuning in and being present in the moment.

Children were actually in immersion.

Recognizing that children could be in the processes and children don't experience chaos and important that we should be able to be in it.

Finding a balance - in guiding children.

The kids who aren't there will make it anyway.

Organizing bases where children can be in and out of.