Region: North
Municipality: Frederikshavn
By: Sæby
Year: 2019
Artist: Signe Højmark
Sæbygårdvej kindergarten

We have now completed a PlayArt programme. Annika from the nursery and Karin from the kindergarten have been the leaders of the groups, but they have involved many other adults in the process, hoping that music was here to stay. The two groups that initially participated were the oldest nursery children and a group of middle/oldest children.

We had a pre-understanding called: Why don't we use music, the sounds of music and song more? We have drums and other instruments that are rarely used? Can we ease transitions in everyday life? Can we create more peace? Cohesion, community, self-esteem and self-confidence?

We chose to work with Signe from the music school on this project, based on model 5.

The musical element should contribute to:

  • Community, both in small groups and whole house
  • Language development - rhymes/rhymes
  • Improving the social environment - you don't bully who you know.
  • Co-creating
  • Develop mathematical logical sense
  • Motor development
  • Creating a basis for play


  • Band with stomp for Christmas/Lucia
  • Quiet moments
  • Easy transitions in everyday life
  • 1 weekly music day
  • Music is integrated into everyday activities (packed lunches, street cleaning, etc.)
  • We will introduce the possibilities of the HAPI
  • We will become familiar with other sounds, such as wind chimes

After 1 part, (4 times) was over, we held a mid-term evaluation. Here Ulla (LegeKunst supervisor) asks about the nursery's process in the first part. Annika feared it would be difficult to continue when Signe is no longer here. Ulla points out we need to remember the process is more important than the product. Annika thought it was difficult without Signe, she also felt that the practical took over in relation to the work. unforeseen things.

In kindergarten, the children had really had some cool experiences, which have fostered community and success in the process. For example, the nursery had a boy with language difficulties who now sings "the ladybird forever" into the clamps. They have practised saying something separately that has become a joint project. Karin told us that she has tied a lot together with the digital daycare. Karin found that the "singing clamps" have worked better and better as the children got to grips with the technique. Quiet children who overcame themselves and heard their own voice in the clamp, and later their own voice in the community. It has been a great experience to be a part of. The massage stories worked super well as a break in the program. The children have also become better at touching each other in the massage stories.

Based on the reflections, we decided to mix the groups the last four times. Both the two existing groups, but also the children who have not yet participated.

The last 4 times are built up as follows:

  • Fly-in: quiet music, we try out projector, nature sounds and Apple tv. (Annika finds "music")
  • Hello song (Karin)
  • Clamp (Signe)
  • Massage stories (Karin)
  • Stomp (Karin and Signe)
  • Finish: Hapi drum (Signe)

This has a really good effect, the little ones look at the big ones and there is a community between the children. Furthermore, the adults find it nice to share the role of "being on"

The programme was well put together with inhalation and exhalation. The feeling at the end is positive and the programme has left its mark. Sæbygårdvej gets its own Christmas song written by Signe, and we decide to perform it. The nursery has embraced music in the form of sounds from HAPI DRUM during transitions, and they have found great joy and impact from quiet music from Youtube during transitions.

The owls have subsequently played stomp in the multipurpose room with great success.

After reflection

It has been a while now. Unfortunately, not all things have been implemented. Just before the end of the project, I (head of department) was on long-term sick leave. This was a bit of a setback, as I had an important role as the project's lead person for implementation. Then came Covid 19. It put an end to the fact that we had made a further process/agreement with Signe. Furthermore, we should have participated in music projects that were cancelled. Restrictions framed that children max were allowed to be 5 in activities.

Still, I'd say LegeKunst has left its mark. The nursery still uses HAPI-DRUM and quiet music in transitions. The kindergarten still uses stomp occasionally. The kindergarten also uses the digital tools that they took into use during play art. And I know that the nursery will again do musical performances together with "music-Signe"- when we can and may.

Line Marie Ottesen
Head of Department, Børnehuset Sæbygårdvej

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