Region: North
Municipality: Hjørring
By: Hjørring
Year: 2021
Artist: Malene Horsfeldt
Ferdinand Kindergarten

When Kindergarten Ferdinand started, it was with this SNIP change:

How can we involve both the stable and the playground for musical activities with a special focus on the relationship work between children.


Participants in LegeKunst have been the oldest kindergarten children

 + regular adults who participated, as well as the musician Malene Horsfeldt who was associated with our LegeKunst program.




The educational environment has not changed physically, but internally it has had an increased focus on what classical music can do.


In the process, the SNIP change has also become about individual focus with time for children's own immersion.


The children have a special eye for the adventure hidden in classical music. They have done this by listening to various great classical pieces, ex. Peer Gynt and Chopin, with an accompanying fairy tale. The children have practised listening to the music, looking inwards and forming their own stories, drawing the fairy tale as they saw it, e.g. troll drawings.

An example of a child's own empathy and immersion was that the child did not draw the fairy tale in the music, but instead got completely carried away with the music and drew lines according to the beat of the music - both small and large lines - fast and slow lines. We adults had no doubt about the child's listening and concentration.


During the PlayArt programme, 2 groups have been changed into 3 smaller groups, where there has been an opportunity for increased focus on the individual child. The LegeKunst process has been good, as there is no fixed template for what we should do. This has meant that the groups have done different things based on the children's tracks (e.g. one of the groups has done their own song) and there has been a lot of focus on the playful approach.


The PlayArt programme has also included movement and music in the stable and on the playground, and movement has been incorporated in various forms, e.g. Hungarian dance to Brams.


Each child has carved his own sticks, and the sticks they play with each time in a LegeKunst course

Fx. one girl has been so absorbed in this process that even on holiday in Spain she has made her own orchestra and played on Spanish sticks.

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