Region: Sjælland
Municipality: Næstved
By: Holmegaard
Year: 2021
Artist: Marie Wolder

Storytelling Alfehuset 2021

We wanted to explore how we can support all versions of our wonderful children, so that they all feel equal in the processes and in the development of ideas.

How has it gone in relation to the overall wonder? What are we still curious about?

The project has made us curious about how we can focus more on the democratic processes throughout the day. How we can involve the children in the planning so that they feel equal in the process.

One of our new wonders was in how different the groups worked. In one of the groups the children were very different. But they managed to give space to each other, took ownership, offered despite different starting points. They were seen as very inclusive and engaged.
Another group had great challenges in giving each other space and finding a common focus.
What made the difference?
How can we put together a dynamic and equal group.
Perhaps it was differences in approaches to the task with different focus on either the product and or the process in the two groups that made the difference?

Another reflection was based on an experience where the children were given the task of building with different wood scraps. They had to put it together with glue and screws. The children were divided into small groups with an adult attached. In this setting, the educators found that children who were reluctant in everyday life became so again when the activity became more guided. The children who the educators perceived as impulsive and full of imagination and good input in everyday life lost interest. Was it because they had not tried this challenge, was it too difficult, or was it too controlled?
Where it really sparked was when the options were free, the time was free and when all children and adults had a choice of materials.

Whoa! We will continue to practice daring to be in the process without knowing the goal.
We also saw how important it was to agree which of the adults would be the lead person. That the agreements are defined. That we are curious about each other here too.

We really hope the Sfo enjoys the good cooperation the children have experienced in the process. We would have liked to have had them in the time after, and felt the difference, the dialogue and seen the games inspired by the experiences.