Model 1: Playmaker

Art, culture and play as a bridge between local school and kindergarten

LegeKunst Makker is developed on the basis of the Strengthened Pedagogical Curriculum for Daycare.

With a start-up programme at school, schoolchildren are equipped to communicate, for example, singing, storytelling, drama, image-making and play to pre-school children. Here, the older children build a solid foundation for the task of being older partners, and the pupils become aware of the importance of creating good relationships. This makes them aware of the special responsibility of being the oldest partner. In this way, the children come to work with the 17 World Goals and the goals of sustainable education: equality, empathy, relationship, attention and presence.

After the lessons at school, the pupils go on a buddy visit to the local kindergarten to pass on what they have learned - and then the kindergarten children go on a school visit. The visits are tightly framed by the adults in a way that still gives the children ample opportunity to be creative, experimental and playful co-creators.