Pedagogical students and LegeKunst

Over the past few years, many pedagogy students around the country's UCs have tried their hand at LegeKunst, and some have even used the project as a starting point for their final bachelor theses.

Anne Storvang is a newly graduated educator from UCN in Hjørring and has in her bachelor project been exploring LegeKunst, aesthetics, art and especially the concept of mood. Through her work experience, she experienced how some educators find it difficult to let go of creativity, imagination and play and just give in to the process.

"It was a real eye-opener for me when an educator went from 'I'm not creative!' to 'I can easily set up a creative activity!' It takes effort and a change of mindset, so for it to really move, there needs to be a greater focus on play, art and creativity already in teacher training in the future."

Anne experienced how it can create new ways and approaches when educators work together with an artist. For example, it can trigger reflections such as: Is it really okay to throw children's artwork in the trash? Because what's more important - the product or the process?

Thank you to all of you students who want to get involved in LegeKunst. We look forward to continuing to play with you at the UCs and out in the daycare centers!

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PlayArt Days 2020

Pedagogy students had a special day at this year's national PlayArt conference. See the photos from the day below. Click on the images to see them in a larger version.

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Lavet med Padlet

Watch the reflection video from the first national PlayArt days, where student teachers together with all other adult PlayArt actors met to share knowledge