PlayArt at Kulturmødet 2020: online panel discussion Friday 21 August at 10-11

Kulturprinsen is a partner of the 2020 Culture Summit, which this year will take place in a digital format. Here we put children's culture at the top of the agenda!

You can be in the front row when PlayArt is part of the conversation "Art and Culture in Day Care" This year, all talks at the Culture Summit will be streamed online on Crowdcast, so you can sign up and invite others to the "Arts and Culture in Daycare" talk. Sign up by clicking right below!

Watch as moderator Christian Have asks Lars Geer Hammershøj (LegeKunst research coordinator and assistant professor at DPU), Andreas Rasch-Christensen (research director at VIA), Pia Skogberg (artist at LegeKunst) and Merete Villsen (head of day care in Ikast-Brande Municipality) about how art and culture can improve the quality of day care and promote children's well-being, play, development and education. Children are the fuel on which we will live in the future. They need to be equipped with creative skills, critical thinking and courage. But how do we ensure a day full of colour and stories for the youngest?

The panel debate is presented by Kulturprinsen in collaboration with Kulturmødet Mors.

Join online on Friday 21 August at 10-11 here

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